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God Is Rejoicing Over You! — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you Abba, again and again, also I thank Deborah Waldron, for I also search to hear your words from her, as I hear you so well speaking to my heart, and this New Month of Nov. 1, 2016.
    I am so delighted to hear the Songs Of Deliverance, Over Me, for these were my words, given within my heart from you. I am so abundantly blessed, highly favored of you, your Words, this day is Confirmation, Confirmation, Favor, Favor, Favor,Favor.
    Deborah, I am so thrilled beyond words, if you could see inside my heart to see, just how ecstatic I am feeling to here these awesome words of comfort, joy, joy, joy, bubbles, bubbles bubbling up inside, as the Father sees it will make your heart sing with me now.  What my enemies has meant for destruction for me. I decree a Turnaround Now, in Jesus name for I am covered in the blood, purchased and shed for me. I am anointed.
    No enemy, can stand against the Great I Am living within me, for the all Powerful Almighty, has given me Weapons to use, and I use them daily.
    Wow, so delighted, my heart is singing songs of deliverance with my Daddy.
    Glory, honor, and higher praises, to our King. I love you Abba, I love you.

  2. “The enemy cannot exist in this frequency, Dear One.  My Spirit is vibrating within you on My wavelength”
    Thank you precious sister for this wonderful confirmation about the verse I have prayed over the last days!
    “Jehovah reigned (is King over your mind), let the people tremble (of His Spirit) Ps.99:1

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