America – Justice Will Be Served!

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Seeing the Numbers 222

For two weeks now I have being seeing the numbers 222 consistently wherever I go, and yesterday was no different.

I went to the store to buy a new shower curtain, after I paid I noticed that there in big bold writing were the numbers 222 printed on my receipt.

Immediately the Holy Spirit quickened to me Daniel 2:22 which says,

“He changes times and periods of history.
He removes kings and establishes them.
He gives wisdom to those who are wise
And knowledge to those who have insight.
He reveals deeply hidden things.
He knows what is in the dark,
And light lives with him.
God of my ancestors, I thank and praise you.
You gave me wisdom and power.
You told me the answer to our question.
You told us what the king wants to know.”

Here is what I hear God saying, “In this hour and season I AM removing the old.  I AM revealing my hidden mysteries.  I AM unveiling my kingdom plan and purposes to My sons and daughters and I AM establishing the kingdom of heaven upon the earth.

Beloved get ready!  For radical historic change, transformation and reformation is now coming to the nations of the earth, for there is a changing of the guard”!

Prophetically I see and feel that there is a significant supernatural shift taking place in the realms of the spirit which is now beginning to manifest in great power in the earthly realm.

I believe the body of Christ is now transitioning into a new epoch in relation to heaven.  In the days ahead we will begin to see and experience an even greater manifestation of God’s glory, power and authority, the hand of God is moving to dismantle the old in order to re-mantle with the new.

So be expectant!

In this season, I see God placing new mantles and a greater anointing on those that have been watching, waiting and willing to carry his heart to the nations, there has been a divine rearranging, reshaping and refashioning within the body Christ.

Watch!  For those that have been hidden in the caves of isolation are now emerging in “New wineskins” filled with new wine for the new season and times ahead.

I see a new and radical leadership rising up equipped and empowered to take the kingdom by force.

I hear a clarion call from the Captain of the LORD’s of Hosts who is now commissioning His mighty warriors to rise up and go forth to occupy and establish his kingdom purposes upon the earth.

America – Justice Will Be Served!

America watch this date; 11:11:16.  For justice will be served!

This morning during a time of worship I was shown the date 11:11:16, then I saw a calendar which had this date marked in bright red, and written on this date were the words “Justice is served”.

Now as I began to pray over this date which was being highlighted to me by the Holy Spirit, suddenly I saw a wooden gavel being swung and I heard the loud sound of the gavel  As it struck the sound block, then I heard the words, “Justice is served!”

Now as we know gavels and sound blocks are often used by judges or presiding officers during legal proceedings or meetings in order to signal order or call to attention.

I believe the Father is charging us as the body of Christ to watch and pray over this particular date.  I believe that the 11th of November, (11:11:16), which is 3 days after the presidential election will be an extremely poignant and historic day for the american justice system and for the american people.

I keep hearing the words, “Vindication, Victory and Triumph,” around this particular date!

Interestingly, the number eleven (11) can symbolize disorder, chaos and judgment. In the bible.  11 is used twenty-four times and “11th” can be found 19 times.  Coming after 10 (which represents law and responsibility), the number eleven represents the opposite – the irresponsibility of breaking the law, which brings disorder and judgment.

As I have continued to prayer, I was lead to take a look at Daniel 11.

Here we see the angel showing Danial the succession of the Persian and Grecian empires.  The kings of Egypt and Syria are noticed: Judea was between their dominions, and affected by their contests.

From vs. 5-30, is generally considered to relate to the events which came to pass during the continuance of these governments; and from vs. 21, to relate to Antiochus Epiphanes, who was a cruel and violent persecutor of the Jews.  See what decaying, perishing things worldly pomp and possessions are, and the power by which they are gotten.

God, in His providence, sets up one and pulls down another, as He pleases!  See Daniel 2:22.  This world is full of wars and fighting, which come from men’s lusts.  All changes and revolutions of states and kingdoms, and every event, are plainly and perfectly foreseen by God.

No Word of God shall fall to the ground; but what He has designed, what He has declared, shall infallibly come to pass.  While the potsherds of the earth strive with each other, they prevail and are prevailed against, deceive and are deceived.  But those who know God will trust in him, and He will enable them to stand their ground, bear their cross, and maintain their conflict.

America, I decree; as you trust in God, He will enable you to stand your ground, bear your cross, maintain your conflict and over come in great victory…..!


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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  1. I woke this morning with the number 16 placed in my mind. I thought maybe the 16th of this month. But it is a confirmation to your vision nonetheless! God bless!