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Declarations & Decrees: God Protects & Defends His Servants! — 2 Comments

  1. Ms. Dawn, I pray Father ABBA blesses YOU in this NEW Year 5778, 2018 with such an overflow and exceeding abundance of love, grace, mercy, provision, health, and wealth which will exceed ALL you can ever ask or think to ask for. As you pour out into the lives of your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, Father I ask may to pour according to your grace, mercy and will return a 1000 fold of divine blessings into Dawn’s life from your very treasury vaults in Heaven which you Father ABBA have dedicated and designated solely for blessing Dawn alone. Shalom, MY sister!

  2. Dear Dawn Flores!

    Thank you for an excellent blog post.

    What you say in “Declarations & Decrees: God Protects & Defends His Servants!” is worth considering for Christians today.

    You write:

    “We decree and declare the Servants of God STAND with the VISION of God to LEAD His People to the Land of PROMISE and PROSPERITY.”

    As Christians, we have undertaken a grand vision to bring to the people.

    My favourite was this one . . .

    “We decree and declare those who CARE for the POOR are BLESSED!
    The Lord God will PROTECT and SAVE you when calamity comes.
    The Lord PRESERVES you and keeps you alive.
    He will make you HAPPY in the Land.”

    We’re all needed in the Lord’s service.

    So many tasks to do – so few hands to lift.

    I love the story of Moses because it’s a story about a man who tried it all and still saw how God was with him through it all.

    Thank you for your Biblical insight.

    With love.
    Edna Davidsen!

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