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God Will Not Leave You in the Same Place — 10 Comments

  1. God will not leave you in the same place. He will pull you out of the darkest pit.

    Thank you…many tears. Severe depression. Work\ministry issue that left me feeling like a total failure. Heartbroken and crushed for many years believing i had messed up too bad and nothing was left.

    Thank you. This was for me.

    • Hi Carol,

      You are not a failure. I want to encourage you with this… God looks at you with such delight. You are a blessing Carol. God will restore.


  2. Lord Knows These Words are straight from the Throne Room For ME j So Many others that I Know! Thank You Lord because I TRULY RECEIVE EVEN NOW!!!

  3. Thank you sister. Was waiting word of God through you since many days.
    Today is my birthday, God spoke me through you.
    God bless you sister, remember me in your prayers.

  4. Amen. May God give me a job, the one I hav been asking for and may I get it by this month or in June. I just want to work at a job and nothing else for now

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