God Will Open Their Eyes!


I have heard the LORD speaking in different terms concerning those many coming into America from Muslim nations.

Many in this country do not see that the LORD has a plan.  It is perhaps the same plan He has had all along in this America land.

America has always been made up of many nations.  I heard the LORD call America His melting pot. Just look at your own past and see where your ancestors came from.

Mine came from England and were basically Frenchmen.  If you took all the immigrants from Scotland and Ireland alone out of America, there would remain a huge hole left in the population!

Then look at Germany.  How many did came over from Germany?  I know whole towns and cities in taxes that were started with German settlers [Fredericksburg, TX].

What about the Chinese communities in San Francisco and elsewhere?  What about the Spanish who cross the border to find a new life?  How many of them are Americans today?  Millions!

What I am saying is:  America is God’s milting pot.  Nothing has changed!

God will fire the pot hot to remove the unbelief.  God is even now opening their eyes!  And, in the midst of the fire, God will change a whole lot of “Americans” who are now going into the pot of fire!

Many are worried.  Many are scared and afraid.  Many are concerned to the place of marching and taking up arms.  Many are alarmed.

The LORD is not afraid.  Nor is He lost as to what He is doing.  The LORD is not unable to control men.  The LORD is still LORD of all and all powerful.

We dishonor God when we do not trust Him and fear!

I hear Him talking about a plan in the end.  He called it his greatest evangelism event ever!  He talked to me about preparing for this event.  How do I prepare LORD?  Well He said, “Prepare by not being a respecter of persons.  You cannot choose sides with any culture of men.  You must love all men the same.  I love them he said, all of them!”

He talked to me about Jonah in the Old Testament and how Jonah hated the men living in Nineveh.  Jonah did not like the way they lived nor did he like the kind of food they ate; he basically saw them as filthy gentiles [as he looked down his religious nose at them].

Even after Nineveh repented, Jonah said: I knew God would forgive them…  And he complained.  God built a hedge to shade old Jonah’s head from the hot sun, then caused a worm to eat the shade.  Remember?  Jonah hated them so bad he never was happy even when they got saved.  The LORD did remind me of this story.

Which of you do not understand this verse; God is no respecter of persons?

Do you think only Americans having lived here for hundreds of years are respected by God?  No of course not.  He loves all men.

The LORD commanded the Church go – go into all the world.  Well have we?

Is this a new concept?  No.  Well this time, the LORD says he will bring them here.

Have you not understood?  This is not about America!  It is about a eye opening event in which the LORD God will open the eyes of Muslims.  I said Muslims!

Why, even now, thousands of them are turning to Jesus Christ.  But wait till the big event.  These Muslims are coming from a place that has been void of the gospel message.

Many have never ever had a chance to hear because of their culture.  Now God will mix the culture.  And guess what!  Christian believers with Muslims… Rubbing shoulders… God intends to us many to preach to men once closed forever off from the message.

Have we not all heard about the great awakening?  Well, stop being afraid and begin now to pray for their salvation.

God is not dead.  He is surely alive and most able to save to the uttermost all who come unto him.  The LORD is bringing them.  Men must be drawn to be saved….  Now prepare to water the seed sown…

Get ready for harvest.


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey
The light will shine in His glory… In the desert.

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