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God With Skin on, Jesus Wants to Touch His People! — 3 Comments

  1. I totally agree with you…..when the word says forsaking not the assembling of yourselves together it means just that….in person and not on line….it again means that we obey God rather than man

  2. THEY SHALL “LAY HANDS” on the sick and they will recover! The world, our famalies, friends, neighbors are sick right now church……….

    We have the healing “TOUCH” of Jesus Christ ! GIRD UP YOUR LOINS WITH STRENGTH (JOY) AND SHARE IT!
    Praise God and be happy! 


  3. Finally! Yes! I heard ” Dr.Faucci also. No more handshaking??? “Social distance??” so now everyone is AFRAID to touch which brings LAUGHTER TO A HALT! NO MORE JOY = NO MORE STRENGTH! 

    I have thought the same for some time. Trying to stop our hugs and touch which America is well known for !

    I often came up behind my kids…touching their heads with head rubs and shoulders…they melted!

    friends the same. Hugging them with open hand hugs. Americans also laugh and smile and laugh at a moments notice…..HAVE YOU LAUGHED OR SMILED LATELY?

    Its like a sinister plan set in motion to study what sets AMERICANS apart ..and attack that.

    Hug America! Let the love of the Lord be released in you. Don’t you know it is the JOY OF THE LORD that is your strength!  Its a weapon!  JESUS touched people all the time!
    use your hands ….use your smile, use your lovely heaing words like apples of gold!
    Psalms 91 “NO deadly thing will harm you”


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