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  1. Thank you Stephen for these true Words.
    What most ‘Christians’ do not- but should – realize is that it is in the
    small details in our daily lives that we must be obedient to God’s commandments.
    It is in the smallest of details the devil waits for us to get us of the narrow path and he will also give us the ‘thoughts’ that makes us to in some way defend our acts.
    For example:
    If one works in a restaurant or some other place where food is about to be cast away if it is not sold one can not eat from it no matter how ‘hungry’ one is.
    When steadfast standing against the devil’s attempts the hunger the devil as well along with the hunger will, sooner or later, flee. (Thou dost not steal Exodus 20:15)
    Another example; if one works in the medical area and there are patients who are suffering from dementia or is retarded one can NOT lie to them about medication or anything else.
    Nor can one tell anyone that the medication is ‘good’ for them, because one can not know if it is. Only God knows what is ‘good or not good’ to someone.
    EVERY HUMAN is our neighbour. (Thou dost not answer against thy neighbour a false testimony Ex.20:16)
    The devil will come up specific on those areas in where we are afraid of -if not following the crowd or the employer’s requirements- to be at risk to lose our income, job and home and our ‘reputation’ among men which is closely tied to those things.
    In other words in those areas that will cost something to follow the Lord.
    I can encourage every one that God will greatly bless and comfort those who walks (quietly without complaining and without boasting before people) in perfect obedience to the smallest of the details in His commandments.
    “Thou hast commanded us Thy precepts to keep diligently Ps.119:4
    The path is (extremely) narrow and few are those who find it!

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