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  1. As a Christian what do you do when you pray Psalm 91 and 2 Timothy 1:7 and you’re still afraid and the fear does not go away? Like in an emergency situation? I had this happen multiple times over the course of six years and always felt like a failure when I was still afraid during and after the emergency situation. I pled the blood, commanded sickness to go and did all the things and still I was afraid. There is one popular Christian preacher who teaches to “Do it afraid.” and this makes no sense to me. If the Word says that God didn’t give us a spirit of fear then why would we “Do it afraid.” when we’re called not to be afraid (unless it’s fear of the Lord)? Has anyone else struggled with being fearful in a situation and quoting scripture isn’t making the fear go away? Thank you.

    And thank you, Marie, for your post. I do really appreciate your posts. You’re doing what God calls you to do in speaking out these difficult messages and not running away from it. So very thankful for that. I’ve been getting the message of judgement and famine from the Lord the past few years. It’s a very difficult message. We need to wake up as the Body of Christ and sound the alarm. So many are asleep.

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