Going South!  A Word for the U.S.A.


The Lord woke me up at 3:03 a.m. today and said:  “I want to speak about coming events and you need to write this down.”

The Lord told me many things that I cannot say [now], but the following He said to write for all to see.  I must obey His voice and so listen to His Words given to me today:

“As the Political Presidential race travels South there will be violent shaking in many ways which will be clear to see by all who are involved, and the Unites States [of America] as a whole will take note of my hand upon man as I move to clarify to the wicked just who I AM.

Expect to see me in a very real way as I call My people to arise and to speak.  An Army of Men and Women across this land will be heard like never before, for I AM moving in them even now to make themselves known and to not remain silent, but to stand.

The South will rise again.  Again there will be a great division in America land, but this time the South will win.  It will not be a race war but an ethics war.  The war will be over morality and Freedom of men in the hands of Tyranny (cruel and unfair treatment by people with power over others).

I move My hand to brush aside the wicked sin that infects this land.  In such a way I will make My stand and in this time men will see me as they have not seen me before.  Many in this land have now only heard about me but they have never known me.

I move now to reveal myself in a way that will be unmistaken.  Many will say they did not see, but in their hearts they will fully know.  Liars will arise to deny me, but all will fully know: I AM that I AM.  I will be real and easily seen, I will take away the clouds and walk out fully seen and men will see me.  I will show myself as I did at Mt. Sani when men ran away saying to Moses, “You go speak to God for us because we cannot bear to hear his voice.”

Oh Moses Man take my hand and I lift it, I will, upon them.  The parting of the sand will clearly speak to them.  Fire will break out in many places and burn them.  I move to light the fire, for many fires will burn in the Eastern States of America.  They will quickly spread like wild fire across this land to the West.  The fire will burn, and burn all, who stand in the way and it will speak to the wicked, to open their eyes.

Those who I have brought to this land of the Muslim religion will see me.  Did I not say that I was planning a big evangelistic event?  There will be many that will turn to me forsaking their traditions and will follow me as the only way.  Many who refuse me will not have to be deported but they will leave and go back to their traditions.  Many will know they cannot win.  I will arise and discourage them.

Revival Fires will burn with the consuming fires and many will be awakened from their sleeping state to walk with me in white.  I call My people to arise to purity.  Not just in doctrine but in outward walk.  There will be a general cleansing of My People who have aligned themselves too close to the world and have become filthy.  I move to clean your clothes and turn them white.

Purity will again be known and my Holiness will be shown in you.  Put on the Garments of righteousness and walk with me before all, white and clean as I have declared you would walk.  I AM your Lord, and I want a Holy People.  The World cannot set the standards for My people anymore than the world can save you.

You must know that he who lives like the world will perish with the wickedness of this world.  So clean yourself and make your clothing white, arise and rend your hearts before me and turn away from the awful world and its sinful ways.  Make my way your way, be ye holy even as I am Holy.  I AM a Holy God, I cannot even tolerate sin in My Kingdom and it will never be allowed in the Earthly Kingdom which I soon will set up before all who live.

Prepare now.  The Kingdom of Heaven is soon to come down.  It will be better for you to prepare for it now than to have to be prepared.

I do all this in Love and Grace.  It is not my desire to destroy the wicked in the Lake of Fire.  I have never desired any man or woman to be in the fire, but the wicked leave me no choice because I must judge their sin.

Be encouraged My people, for I have seen your afflictions and have moved to help you.  I AM one who loves you with a Love beyond your understanding.  You must know I do this for you, and for those who will be mine.”

He told me to Post the following Scripture Verses:

“And all the people saw the thunderings, and the lightnings, and the noise of the trumpet, and the mountain smoking: and when the people saw it, they removed, and stood afar off.
And they said unto Moses, Speak thou with us, and we will hear: but let not God speak with us, lest we die.
And Moses said unto the people, Fear not: for God is come to prove you, and that his fear may be before your faces, that ye sin not.
And the people stood afar off, and Moses drew near unto the thick darkness where God was.
And the Lord said unto Moses, Thus thou shalt say unto the children of Israel, Ye have seen that I have talked with you from heaven.
Ye shall not make with me gods of silver, neither shall ye make unto you gods of gold.
An altar of earth thou shalt make unto me, and shalt sacrifice thereon thy burnt offerings, and thy peace offerings, thy sheep, and thine oxen: in all places where I record my name I will come unto thee, and I will bless thee.
And if thou wilt make me an altar of stone, thou shalt not build it of hewn stone: for if thou lift up thy tool upon it, thou hast polluted it.
Neither shalt thou go up by steps unto mine altar, that thy nakedness be not discovered thereon.”   
Exodus 20:18-26.

* * * * *

I have posted this Word in Obedience to the Lord. Lord bring this word forward and speak as only you can through it to your people and prepare them for events happening now.


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey

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