Greedy Cowards! — 3 Comments

  1. I agree. This is all happening before us at the very moment from today’s Pastor. I’ve lost faith in my Pastor given to how much has been about the denial of anything happening pertaining to Revelations. What we are witnessing today as an inside down-fault to cause the believer to slur from Truth over to Truth being what is and what is – to come.
    You can’t even reason with family or these Church folk anymore that back the Pastor to intentions who ‘still’ won’t pick-up a Bible to listen to reason.

  2. CHOOSE: What do you want to be, a common bird following the crowd leading to destruction (the broad road, which is easy, paved with many so-called friends, being popular, worldly, wealth), or one of God’s majestic Eagles which the road is hard, narrow, filled with trouble, sorrow, and often lonely, but leads to eternal life?  The same road Jesus Himself walked, as did also the Apostles and Prophets which were before them.

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