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  1. Thank you Beverly for your obedience as always to bring encouragement when we most need it.  It is so beautiful that as we trust the Lord Jesus we will always triumph in Him.  Bev. I am requesting prayer for my sister Emma who is battling cancer. They found a tumor close to her heart and she is sad.  Thank you for your prayers that are very much appreciated.

    • Maria, I’m so sorry for my delay in getting back with you. I am praying for your sister, Emma.  But also want to send this to you for her

      Praying Medic, Dave Hayes prayers for Cancer, Tumors, chemotherapy, & Radiation

      Healing Medic/Dave Hayes site with various prayers

      Dave Hayes/Praying Medic is an Emergency Medic who’s anointing for healing has covered many.

      I listen to his prayers when I rest or go to bed at night. God truly does miracles through him. There are many other healing prayers on his site.

      LORD, WE bind every spirit of cancer, death, destruction, & any damage done by the chemo or radiation.  WE SHUT THEM DOWN NOW & CANCEL EVERY ASSIGNMENT OF THE ENEMY TO EMMA. LORD pour out the balm of Gilead over Emma and heal her. Restore her & make her whole.  LORD WE pray this in agreement & ask Your will be done, Your Kingdom come, on earth as it already is in Heaven, in Jesus name, let it be so, Amen. 

      Much love to you, Maria & Emma! Bev

  2. And what a ride it has been, dear Bev. How I love that just like Jesus, we can count it all joy! Love and truth! Sandi

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