He Has Not Withdrawn His Blessing — 4 Comments

  1. Thank You Lord Jesus for all your smiles
    How I wish that all believers would just look up and see Christ Jesus always looking back with so much peaceful, loving, protecting, forbearing smile. Some time I also got frustrated, I looked up and He looked back with this friendly smile and said, “thank God” :-) I could not help smiling back and thanked God. This has become a good and secure habit for me; I look up when I am not sure if I am on the right place with Him, or just smiling to Him, and He will always look back with this incredible smile, full of love. Look up dear ones and God bless you all. Lucia Ludvigsen

  2. Thank you, my dearest sister in Jesus Christ. It is not easy to make it through these days. Still working in private home care for elderly and more and more for infected corona patients. My privacy in electronic devices is not only attacked, but again my sleep gets attacked, loud bangs and noises during the nights, AND EVEN IN THE CAR, the entire bordsystem gets manipulated and attacked by the hidden evildoers. Since years no privacy, no intimacy. These are attacks against humanity and dignity.
    I do not use facebook, but I can read and see HKP there. I want to greet the woman Esther and HKP who have published a very beautiful picture with a Lion, a warrior woman and a bride and the tree with many fruits. It is early morning in Europe, and this Isaiah 60 “ARISE, SHINE !” message, together with your Golden Holy Oil vision and comforting words, are more than just a blessing. Be abundantly rewarded with good things from the Lord !

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