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The Great I AM Fights for You! — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you for this timely word. Recently, the Lord told me “I AM removing that relationship.” It was one that I have struggled with for 49 years. I had some confusion about that till I read your word. Confirmation. I decree: This is not my problem. I’m going to trust the Lord.

  2. Your message is so amazing for me because Jesus told me the same things in my spirit in June of this year after a big accident which was the most terrible and horrible in my whole life. “The LORD allows the devil to face off with you. If you are a trainer of a boxer, you get the best and strongest sparring partner and let the boxer get knocked down a few times to strengthen the attacks, resolve, and conditions of faith.” At that time, this word of God held me tightly, not to give up. This is also so good. “God is taking us from a punching bag experience to one that is expanded, and to challenge our faith in the ring. I receive this in Jesus Name.

    I feel God is helping me push this through in lots of invisible ways. God is surely sending prayer from believers onto me to help His ministry. I really thank them all. Without God, I am nothing. I am looking forward to seeing the harbor of my hope and destiny in God. Sherry~♡ Thanks again for your hopeful message. It was so specific and detailed that I came to have more confidence.  Glory to God.

  3. Wow, a word in due season !
    A shifting and shaking in relationships accompanied by The Holy Spirit.
    We know full well that He will never leave us and that settles it.
    Bless you sister, it`s been a time of maturing sometimes hard but so much needed.
    Praise The Lord

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