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Healing and Deliverance for Native Americans — 2 Comments

  1. Laura, thanks for this article..been praying salvation, protection and discernment regarding First Nations.  It’s gotten Wiley because I just need more of Jesus and ‘doors’ closed.

  2. Dear Laura, Thank you for this, it is so powerful. I don’t know if i have native American ancestory, but felt led to declare it, because the doctors just told me my dear mother has a strange form of bone cancer. Last week she was fine and suddenly she can’t hardly talk and is in terriible pain. Certainly feels demonic. So anyway I just wanted to thank you, I have read many of your declarations on this website and have always felt their power and know they are a blessing. I would be forever grateful if you ever have the time, if you would remember my sweet mother Lane with a quick prayer or declaration. God bless you, Sharla Hoheisel

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