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Hear the Sound of Heavenly Armies! — 1 Comment

  1. I love, love, love, love, love, love you Abba Daddy, your words, oh how I love your words, how well you speak so tenderly to me, every time you speak through your anointed one Deborah Waldron Fry, it is so precious to me.
    I love whenever you say my beloved one, dear one, my child, you belong to me, such an honor spoken in such love for me is so awesome. I am yours by the blood of the lamb, indeed so. I pray someday to have an encounter with you. I desire others to see the sweetness of you in me, my heart is so tender for you, it is pure, it is love, it is unwavering faith, it is an abundance of love for you as you have for me, and nothing can or try to ever separate this from me. I am highly favored of you, blessed to be a blessings is my delight, Abba, Daddy, you are so good, all the time. I need you every second of my days, keep me pure always, draw me closer and closer to you, heal my inner heart from the wrongs others have caused pain to me. I love all.
    I forgive all, help me Abba, to see as you, help me to overcome. I pray, for those who don’t know you, which is love, all need you Abba, you are the answer to the cries of the heart. What a wonder you are, you are too much for me, more than enough, more than I could ever want in this lifetime.

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