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  1. Thank you Lord Jesus for your love all around
    Some 20 years ago, we were in Miami, we found a church filled with lively African Americans :-D wonderful people. When we stood up, I found out the man next to me was a tall preacher, he took his arm around me and prayed for my father, who was sick and had only six months left on this earth.
    We were in Ottawa passing through from Miami and I found a church there that I will never forget. After some research for a living church, I found one big building. The meeting started in a “normal” way with a band on the front, praising the Lord Jesus. The the young preacher came in. He was running in, clothed in soldier’s clothing and explained why he was wearing that kind of cloth saying, “I am a warrior in the Kingdom of God”! :-) :-D Hallelujah!
    After some time preaching and lifting up God Most High, he suddenly could not speak as he could not do anything but laugh! Every time he laughed, the Holy Spirit manifested loud like a thunder. He would not stop laughing and gave up preaching and began to run about touching people with a blessing, those fell down instantly, some were weeping, some were laughing, some were just being still. I wished I had placed myself near the floor way, but then there was a woman near me asking if she could pray for me. Oh yes :-) She began to pray for me, then she prayed for my father also. I had never met this people before, but when we were back home, my father had made repenting and was saved! :-) May God bless you all and your families, and may we all be expectant. Lucia Ludvigsen

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