Heaven is Shifting and the Earth is Shaking


Watch!  Heaven is shifting and the earth is shaking.

Ha!  I felt a divine shift and a re-positioning in this hour, that is taking place in the realms of the spirit over the daughters of God.  I felt heaven shake, and I saw the ground move beneath the feet of woman, taking them from a place of obscurity and false humility, into a place of anointed prominence, supernatural favour and fulfilled promise.

I have seen a fresh blueprint, a new mantle and a golden oil of anointing, being poured over the heads, hands and feet of woman.

Then I saw and felt a mighty rushing wind blowing strongly across the body of Christ.  This is a purifying and empowering wind which is removing every encumbrance and entanglement that has kept the daughters of God bound, restricted and muted.

I saw a divine rearrangement and a new order rising up.  it is time to prophecy, “Release release, come forth daughters of Zion and take your place in the courts of the LORD!

I decree;  

The Deborahs and Esthers of God are emerging from the caves of confinement.

“No longer shall you be concealed and hidden in My quiver.  You will not be afraid of their faces, for I have sharpened you, prepared you, equipped you and empowered you for such a time as this.

Now go forth and take the land which I have promised you, and which I have predestined for you, daughters.  No longer shall you sit silenced by a spectator spirit or stifled by a leviathan spirit, for even in this moment as you hear My voice through My servant you shall arise in power and authority for I AM unveiling and revealing you, clothed in glory and splendor, for I delight in My daughters,”  says the spirit of God.

I prophesy in this hour, heaven is heralding the rising of a mighty army of warrior woman.  This new breed of daughters will not be silenced, shut out or shut down.  They are rising up from the ashes.

I saw chains of insecurity, inferiority and fear being broken over woman across the body of Christ.  I see an unquenchable fire being ignited, which burns from deep within them.

Again the Spirit says;

“Arise oh warriors, My sweet fragrant ones, for now you will carry the weightiness of My glory and you will walk in My wisdom, in My authority and in My power.

No devil or demon of hell shall stand against the force of My favour and My fire that is upon you.

Beloved, you will now open your mouths and release a new sound into the atmosphere that will penetrate and radiate My will, My word and My work upon the earth in this hour, and you will open your mouths and release the sound of new a birth, new beginnings and new life.

You will open your mouths and release the sound that will awaken the body of Christ to her true purpose and destiny.

You will open your mouths and release the sound that shall awaken the dead and accomplish the outpouring of my spirit upon the earth.

You will open your mouths and release the sound that shall seal and shut the mouths of demonic powers and principalities that have ruled in fear and intimidation,” says God.

“Now arise My handmaidens, My daughters of Zion, arise, advance and take your rightful place in My courts.

Ask and it shall done.  My scepter of favour is extended towards you in this hour,.

Arise My Deborahs, arise My Esthers, arise and shine for My glory has risen upon you!”


~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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Heaven is Shifting and the Earth is Shaking — 1 Comment

  1. “No longer shall you be concealed and hidden in My quiver.”

    It can be both a place for arrows and a trembling.

    For some years now i have felt an inwardly quiver which has increased the last months and I am sure the Lord is doing something.
    Today I asked Him about a confirmation about this.

    Thank you sister!

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