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  1. Adams,
    “For I the LORD, have seen your KINDNESS & COMPASSION for others at work many times. It wasn’t by chance but through the multitude of trials & tribulations that you have gone through, that have opened you up to Me. Truly I say to you, you have learned your lessons well, My Son. Do not despair at what you have not been given Each gift has it’s own challenges, & I have taught & trained you for such a time as this. So you too, will come forth in My Glory, with signs, wonders, & miracles.

    Remember, I have forgiven you, many times over. Be sure to forgive yourself as well. Sometimes tiny pieces of something in you, can hold you back from My greater purposes, when you have not let it all go. Know just as your love for Me is deep & wide, so will I use My LOVE for you to accomplish MUCH, despite your challenges. I have not forgotten you.

    Continue to seek Me with all your heart, & all will be well with you. WATCH & SEE! For I have surprises waiting for you, My BELOVED! HA! HA! HA! WATCH ME & SEE! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME!

    • Dear God’s vessel Bev, the message from the Lord through you is so accurate & on time. The Lord knows everything about me. Its so amazing how nothing is hidden from the Lord & His genuine Prophets! HE has turned me inside out for you to see. I revere you Lord!. Father, thank you for your unconditional love,forgiveness, mercies, grace, promises & all you have done & set to do in my life. I plead with PAPA to help destroy anything /everything that i am holding on it that keeps robbing me of God’s greater purposes. Lord, I surrender all to you in Jesus name have I asked. God increase your anointing, protect you, your family & ministry. Many thanks.

  2. These words touch Pastor Tim Sheets’ words on Lord to super charge HIS Eklesia who & releasing High ranking Angels to them for different purposes in days ahead as they pray. It also affirmed Rob Gross prophetic words on Hawaii 5-0 all released on Elijah prophetic list. In a dream, a man once told me “I can choose to use any medium to express myself”.  Another dream, I saw the burning bush & afterwards had another dream where i heard ” just as I told Moses, I will turn my back on him when I AM passing by & he can’t see my face; I AM saying the same thing to you”! These are just few encounters out of many I have had. I am a living witness as am not an ordained minister but just a lay man & a sinner yet shown great mysteries! Praise I AM THAT I AM!  Remain BLESSED DEAR BEV!

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