His Majesty’s Secret Service


Not so long ago, as we were preparing to go overseas for a missions trip, we visited our local airport, but not from our normal direction.  As I sat in the passenger’s seat, I was able to observe roads and territories with which I was unfamiliar.

As we drove along a fairly new divided highway, I saw a new road going off to the side, forming a ‘T’ junction with the main road.  There were no signs indicating the destination of this new road, and access to it was blocked off by concrete barriers, a couple of which had been pushed aside, allowing cars to enter.  As we passed the road end, I noticed that this side road was finished, but was covered by overgrown vegetation, having been completed a few years ago in preparation to serve a new residential development, which was still incomplete.  Though this new road was designed to take hundreds of cars per hour, it was currently only used by a few locals residents each day and who knew it as a personal shortcut.

Some time later, we passed a new off-ramp which similarly, was blocked off with concrete barriers.  The signs for this off-ramp had been installed but were covered, so it was not possible to guess where this new road led, nor when it would be fully commissioned.  The purpose of this road, was a mystery to all but the builders and designers.

Then, just before the airport, we came to the new off-ramp for the new airport terminal which was due to open a few months later.  This off-ramp, and the on-ramp on other side of the highway, were fully complete, commissioned and read for use.  Direction signs and gantry signs we all on display, the road markings were complete and the lights were functioning.  As the new airport terminal was still to be opened, cars were kept from using the new roads, by a row of orange rubber traffic cones.  But the new road system was complete and there for all to see, just waiting to start business.

For some reason, I found these new road conditions interesting and worthy of note, but thought no more of them until a couple of weeks later when on our overseas trip.  As I began to speak to a group of Christian government leaders, the Lord explained the meaning of my recent sightings of the closed roads.

The Lord said these new roads represented His hidden forces, His Majesty’s Secret Services.

Some are now under training, some are already trained.

Some are trained and anointed and are working locally, quietly attending to ones and twos, but when the barriers are removed, they will deal with thousands.  They are working in their callings already, but unaware of the future extent of their destinies.

Some are trained and available, but there are no signs telling people who they are, or what they can do, or of what they are capable.

Some are trained and anointed and publically visible, but are awaiting the signal to open for business and move into their special roles for the Lord, as He instructs.

Regular readers of His Kingdom Prophecy may have notice that over the last couple of months, a number of our authors have confirmed the above, as they alluded to God’s secret army and secret special forces which He has trained and anointed and is ready to unleash into His battle plan for the end-times.

The Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ, the last book in the Holy Bible, together with countless other preceding end-times prophecies and scriptures, gives an account of the times we are in and are about to enter.  However, the Lord has not revealed all His plans or strategies, so that enemy forces cannot predict exactly what, where, when, why or how the Lord will move next.

Be assured, that no matter how things appear to us at any one time, that the Lord IS in charge and knows what He is doing, and that victory WILL be achieved according to His will and His plans.

The Lord has, without doubt, got His Majesty’s Secret Service all ready for use, both in the heavenlies and on the earth.  He is prepared for the times to come.  We need to support Him by doing our part, just exactly as He tells us, not more and certainly, not less.  He is our Commander-in-Chief and the battle is His, and He will be victorious!!


Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for all You have done for us and for me personally.  I now give myself to You as a living sacrifice for Your use and willingly submit my will to Yours..  Train me, commission me and use me please, such that You will be glorified in all I do in the times to come.
I pray this Lord, in the almighty name of Your Son, The Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen!


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