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Marriage Licences: the Government’s or God’s? — 7 Comments

  1. Question prophet Dewey?  First thank you for your servant nature. I read all your prophecies and discern them as true.  ok here is my question.  I’ve read Bible front back and again and again–doesn’t make me a scholar but as I have studied Bible I also see no where where God says you can only have one wife.  I think this also was a man made government law but is not Biblical.  I know we must keep balance certainly Solomon’s wives led him into sin and we are to love our wives as Christ loves us.  But I also see many of patriarchs we honor had more than one wife and no where in old or new testament was it declared a sin or an abomination.  Like marriage licenses–I think this practice was mandated by government but perhaps I’m wrong.  What do you think?  And I’m not trying to trap you–FYI I’m not married and one reason I’m not is I was looking for the “one”–and that was hard to find.  I can’t marry a divorced that is a sin, a younger person not interested in me.  In olden days people had more than one wife as average age of death around 28–insured human race went on as war, plague’s famine took out a lot of men.  We see this in Russia’ declining population as 27 million men died in WWII not enough to go around.  And today in our economic hardship I could see strength and helpfulness of more than one wife bringing in income or watching each others kids etc.  What do you think is marrying more than one wife a sin or forbidden by God?  Or is this the government dictating their rules on the church?

    • Let me answer you, precious Brother.
      If you are a true follower of and obedient to Jesus Christ His Spirit will only lead you first to Him and only to one woman.
      If you are driven by a spirit that will offer you one more, that spirit is not from God.
      One have to meditate on God’s Word for the spirit to reveal the whole truth.
      Jesus never said that scriptures (alone) shall lead us into the truth, but that the Spirit of Truth shall.
      The Word is also written with its cause to divide between flesh and spirit and also the flesh will find its solutions in God’s Word.
      But the flesh, not the Spirit must be killed.
      You shall not have desire to a woman that maybe God have plans for that you don’t know.
      “Thou dost not desire the house of thy neighbour, thou dost not desire the wife of thy neighbour,” Exodus 20:17.

      • Dear Sister Maria

        I know you mean well and you may be 100% correct but I was hoping prophet Dewey would answer.  And if I may add a few more thoughts respectfully and conscientiously.  In John 1:1 it says “in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, the Word was God.”  Though I speak in tongues and hear from the Lord on occasion, I always go back to the Word, it is God, it is Jesus, it is the Holy Spirit.  And 2 Timothy 3:16 says, “all scripture is inspired by God.  So I still take my directions from the Word

        On a personal note I’m not looking for more than one wife, I don’t think I could handle it.  I was not blessed like many at a young age to meet their wife.  I served in the military.  Do you think those guys in Iraq or Afghanistan are going on dates on weekends same as their peers in college?  No, it’s a lonely, hard life.  And even when not deployed and back in USA you are getting up at 3am, always on alert–going on field exercises 300 days a year and type of girls around army posts not usually type of girl to bring home to mom, there are exceptions of course but like finding needle in hay stack.

        I still do not see anywhere in Word prohibiting more than one wife.  In fact Esther married a man who had many wives and was commended for saving all the Jews.  Because of Jacobs 4 wives, we now have the children of Israel, through the tribe of Judah came Jesus.  David was a man after God’s own heart yet had many wives.

        I think this practice was mandated/imposed by the Catholic church and does not correlate with the Bible.  Paul instructed that a Deacon should be a man of only one wife.  This was for Deacons not the entire world unless entire world are Deacons today.  The Catholic church also said priests cannot marry but this is not Biblical either, Peter was married, the old testament priests married. 
        Anyway, I’m not trying to sew discord but this marriage license thing I think is spot on but it raises other questions about govt imposed rules on marriage that I question are grounded in Biblical foundation. God bless you Maria.

        • Dear Von,
          Thanks for your comment.  Actually Prophet Ken rarely comments here on HKP.  If you wish to interact with him directly, please visit his posts on Facebook, where you can see many comments.
          Regarding your question on having one wife or more than one wife, this issue came up for me in a Q&A session before 55 Pastors in Africa.  They were concerned about how to deal with Muslims with more than one wife, who had come to Christ.  The question was: Should the converts abandon their other wives and the children from these wives to become Christians?
          My reply was that in assessing this issue, we need to be led by the Spirit of the Law, which brings life, and not the letter of the law, which brings death. 
          The Bible says that when the head of a household came to Christ, the whole family was baptized.  The spirit and principle of this leads me to say that a family ought not to be split when coming to Christ.  Abandoning wives and children to become a Christian, seems total unchristian.
          Next, the only times I read in the New Testament about “being the husband of only one wife,” is in relation to Deacons or Bishops, in other words, Church leaders, those who publicly and morally ought to represent the Church and its ideals.  From this again, the spirit of the Word leads me to say that the principle here is that all Christians ought to be married one-to-one, but that those ministering in the Church, and representing the Church externally, must only be married one-to-one, (and that is also one male to one female).

          Your comments and patronage of HKP are greatly appreciated.
          Blessings in Christ,

          • Thank you Maria and Angus for taking the time to reply.  Angus I think I saw you on TV once, a South African farmer serving the Lord.  Prophet Dewey’s article sure raises many things, thought provoking.  My personal opinion is many ministers have adapted to the government’s view of marriage.  For example years ago I went to my pastor to ask about marrying a divorced person.  I asked because I wasn’t married and most people my age were divorced and I read in Bible it was prohibited but I noticed pastor married divorcees.  I wasn’t confronting him but simply wanted to know the truth and as a man if marrying divorced people was allowed than I would have more of a pool to find one.  My pastor hemmed and hawed–and could not answer my question–quite frankly I did not understand a thing he said–something about a divorced person’s spouse was equivalent to being dead therefore they were free to remarry.  Something told me his interpretation was wrong but it was pleasing to people who wanted to remarry.  But I think divorce is another area the church has adapted to government standards not Biblical standards.

  2. An excellent comment!
    But I wish the Children of God will begin to understand that one have to leave the world’s system, which actually is Satan’s system in an even higher degree.
    Some years ago I took faith steps and – although I still have a common work- left the society’s false security system with ending my accident and life assurance.
    I have also the last five years totally avoid every wage talk even though I have changed employer several times. I pray to God that He shall give me the ‘right’ pay and my pay is still very good.
    When we let Him be Lord over our money there will be no lack,because Satan can not touch what belongs to God.
    Christians must also learn to never sue someone.  The Lord once taught me that it is the same as to make a deal with the devil. We allow Him to hurt us for then receive money from him, which is worshipping mammon. 
    in reality it is the same with life assurances.
    We must learn to trust in God in every aspect of our lives. Only then we can be totally free from Satan’s grip and be totally divine protected in Christ.
    And then we surely will begin to experience this;
    “NO weapon formed against thee prospereth,” Isaiah 54:17.

  3. Finally!!!  What a powerful comment!  I think that is an ingenious idea!!
    Interestingly, the ministers have been licensed and ordained to preform marriage…  Why don’t we preform our own, for our own?
    This would put an end to the “who is responsible for marrying who” and will eliminate many lawsuits!

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