His Word Will Make Us Wiser Than Our Teachers! — 2 Comments

  1. Good Day Prophet, My name is David Azeez, I was a Muslim with the Name Nurudeen Abdulazeez Lawal. Please I would like to ask, what it means to see yourself being laid hand on by a very popular apostle of God in a dream and getting slain in the Spirit immediately and water pouring out on you from a drum twice by itself. Thank you.

    • Hi David, I’m a brother in Christ and I Feel led to give an interpretation to your dream. But don’t take my word for it. Take it to The Lord in prayer.

      The Laying of hands by the apostle of God showed that you have received the word as it was given to the apostles.

      The slaying of the spirit is what we generally call “Dying to self”. This is probably asa result of deep conviction by the word of God. It would have helped if you could remember the instrument that slew you in the spirit.

      As for the water pouring on you from a drum twice, I think it’s a confirmation of the cleansing you have gone through, possibly through baptism

      The fact that they poured by itself shows that it was not a work for you, but for the Perfecter and lover of our souls, King Jesus, that all you had to do is surrender and make yourself available for the cleansing.

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