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  1. When I read “What you behold – you become” I received an image of you, Veronika, looking eastward. You beheld the reflection of the sunrise on the body of water, and you were gloriously transformed.

  2. I, the weary warrior, sure needed this today!  So thirsty am I, in the desert…in that place of giving up, I move on now, encouraged by these words from the Lord.  I’ll go forward with hope and a promise that I am right where I need to be.  Right where HE has me, in that narrow place, of Hinds’ feet anointing.  A good place to be still and know…
    Thank you Veronika!  And praise GOD for speaking through YOU!

  3. Thank you for this word !’ I have asked God to fill me with this anointing if it’s His will as He only really knows as he formed me and made me and I’m not here by mistake Praise Jesus mightily

  4. Wow! I love what U wrote here and all the way down 2 the passage where it talkes bout the narrow way as the needles eye, I could sense the anointing SO strong. Thank U 4 your close walk with God and pls share more of whatever the Father gives U green light 2 do. Wow.

  5. Yesterday I took a piece of paper and I wrote down this; A NARROW GATE PRODUCTION. How very strange indeed!!!He, he!!! Now I will read your post Veronika.

  6. Almost 8 years ago, God gave me a trance vision in my REM sleeping. I was at my work place, looking out of the window. Suddenly the earth appeared before my eyes. It was out of order and messy. After a while, the earth was cleaned by Jesus’ hands. It became crystal clear. In a few seconds, the scene was changed. I saw a gigantic, super-wide waterfall of life flowing into my place which is on the 11 th floor from the throne of God. I couldn’t breathe owing to the spectacle. I also could see His beautiful sanctuary vividly from my place. This is my first time to tell somebody. Because of my calling, I have been going through various, unbelievable ordeal until now. So I understand what you heard from God; the narrow way is the total reliance and complete dependency on the way maker. So comforting. Thank you God and Veronika. With the same comfort. From. South Korea.

  7. Wow!  I needed this today! I had a dream years ago that I stood between the narrow way dry, no trees no anything) and saw to my right the wide way an avenue with lights and cars coming and going fast and I looked at the narrow way and at the wide way and have to make a decision, and after I looked to both I chose the narrow way. I started to walk and saw stones dry soil hot sun on me then I saw people sitting on rocks resting I kept going kept walking didn’t looked back that was all.  Your word reminded me of that dream and what I chose. Thank you. M J

  8. Such an encouraging, powerful word and confirmation to me after all I’m going through. Oh, the Breaker is coming through, yes. He spoke to me words in the night: Breaker anointing; taste and see the Lord is good; and I counsel you to buy from me gold tried in the fire. He is the potter, I am the clay. Yes, we can’t give up. The calling is too great. He told me, Will you join me in my work? To bring life to the lost, to show them the One who can redeem mankind, to bring glory to the Father? No, we can’t give up. The calling is too great. We shall be mighty warriors, shining ones, pillars of fire for our Abba, our God. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  9. Sooo Good!! Thank You Abba Father!!
    I recently saw a vision of myself walking through what looked like the trenches of World War One, but there were sharp jagged edges on both sides. I knew it was the “Narrow Way”. But confidence in Him was being produced and I knew I’d make it through the road less traveled. Not by flesh, or any other way than Him.
    Abba Father, I surrender!!
    God bless you beautiful lady!! :)

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