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How Satan Wins Souls in These End-Times — 10 Comments

  1. Satan has won many souls already. The church seems asleep still and the end time activities are not here yet. People are believing the devils lies and cheering him on..Obama is working for the devil at all times..Wake up America.

  2. What really angers me is that the church knew these holidays like Christmas, Easter and Halloween were pagan holidays. So when the Roman emperor put them on the calendar to be worshipped by Christians, why didn’t the church leaders speak up then and refuse to worship these holiday?  For over 1500 years, we have been worshipping pagan holidays.  God must look down on people with sadness in his heart at how low man has become.  We need to seek His forgiveness.  I long for righteousness!

  3. Thank you for this truth,we need more intercession for people to descern the times,this word was truth and this is Satan playground and his vessels and demons in spirit!

    • The world is full of sin….The people who are transgressing against the Word of God is in Sin and Satan has won many over to them….Don’t be naive. This is a spiritual battle; I did not say he has won the war.

  4. Dear Sr. Geraldine,

    Thank you for an Excellent article.
    I really enjoyed reading what you wrote.
    And sadly it’s so very True.
    Hopefully more people will wake up.

  5. This is an excellent post!  Slight correction needed, though.  Your final scripture reference is missing a 1.  It should be Lev. 18:21, not 8:21.

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