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I AM Calling You to the Front Lines! — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Abba, for your words this special day. I rejoice greatly in your words in truth and so much delight with thanksgiving. Wow! So awesome to me. I love you. I love Deborah. This is mg day of confirmation. Glory !

  2. God bless you, Minister Deborah Waldron Fry, praying your strength in The Lord Jesus, as well as your entire family, that The Lord sustains you through it all……I thank God for you, being such a major part in my life, through all of the beautiful and prophetic words extended for many, but especially for me, I can only express what I receive, applying to my life personally…..I pray that The Lord Jesus continues to use you, in such a mighty way, before His return for His Bride… I thank God, and I thank you for sharing such life changing words, God bless you.

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