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Today as I looked over my estate and sanding and was troubled [about my attitude of heart] that I had come to, and the place I am.  Celeste and I began to think of just how much we have to be thankful for and for the fact we have a beautiful house on land with trees, our own well, and many nice things [like a good bed to sleep in and nice furniture, this computer and many many other things.

The LORD reminded me of my mission trips to Peru, South America and India.

I remembered Brother Samuel and his wife Flora that lived in Taraporto, Peru and pastored a small storefront church.  I remember those precious people and how they were forced to live [although I am sure they did not know anything different because their life was normal down there and they had never had anything more….].

The little Church Building [old store front building without closing doors, just bars, leading out into a dirty street; dirt floors and stifling hot [even in the winter months].  The little room only held, if people were seated comfortably, about 50.  But the Sunday morning I preached there for that dear Pastor and his wife and precious people, it seemed as if near 100 people stood around the room [standing room only].

The people were happy, smiling, and full of praise.  There were a whole row of beautiful children sitting around on the front rows, mostly beautiful little Spanish Junior age Girls.  When the singing begin I could only weep for joy as I was touched by their angel like faces and waving arms of praise.  The Song they sang, though in Spanish, was the most beautiful I had ever heard.  I thought for a moment I had died and was in Heaven, and was seeing the Angels!

Then several young girls came and sit by me, each one wanting to be right next to me.  They reached out their hands and touched me on my arm lovingly whispering something in Spanish.  I ask my interpreter what they were saying and he said,  They are saying the Love you Pastor.  Tears ran down my face.

I was so hot in the room I had to take off my dress coat and loosen my tie.  Sweat was running down my forehead and into my eyes.  I thought to myself this is most terrible, how do they stand being in here and it is so very hot?  But I found out later that it was Winter time in Peru and they were wearing coats!

After the Service, I went with the Pastor and his wife into their house.  They lived right behind the main wall [behind the pulpit area].  The place was very small and mainly one large room with a small passage way leading to 2 small bedrooms.  The ceilings were not sealed [there was no finished wall and you could see blue sky over the wall and the old tin roof].

I looked at what was the Pastors Wife’s kitchen.  It consisted of an old small table and rough cabinet without doors and some old dishes stacked.  To one side was a very old four burner hot stove . It was only a portable stove with four burners and a rubber hose going to a small propane bottle.  As I looked at it, Flora told me: Only three burners will work and none very well.  Frankly I had never seen a stove top so old, it looked like something out of the Civil War times.

I was told that they had to use a public toilet down the street and also had to carry water from the community fountain.  Upon asking questions I found out that Brother Samuel was not paid a salary and had to work for pennies just to live.  He was a part time preacher, but not just him, but almost all pastors in Peru were not paid.  I could tell by the clothes and things in the house that they were very poor.

I remember how shocked I was at the way they lived, yet they were so very happy being full of the Spirit and praising the LORD continually.  How can they be like this and live like they do, I thought?

I thought of the way I was raised and my Mom and her kitchen.  I remembered the house I grew up in and thought comparing it with the Pastor and his home.  Honestly, we were never considered rich and sometimes we did have lack, but never, never did we face what these people face every day!  I fully believe my mother would not have lived in that old store front house (?), she would have told my father, No, I will not live here!

Traveling through the town I looked at the people and their houses and they all were very poor compared to where I have lived all my life.  The average person living there makes only pennies compared with the dollars we earn in this country.

Some time later I traveled into India and all the terrible thoughts I had entertained about how bad Peru was vanished when I saw the horrible living conditions in India.  I was moved to tears as we drove down the street looking at millions of Indians sitting up shop right by the main road.

Most of them had only a table cloth or a blanket to lay out their wares for sale.  I looked out the window [immediately down from the car window] and would see a man that repaired shoes with his tools right by the car tire, just working away.  I saw houses [if that is what you want to call them] made out of trash, old pieces of scrap boards, cardboard.

To top it off I saw houses made out of cow dung that looked like a beehive.  The poor Indian people would pick up in a shovel all the sacred cow droppings and put them to dry in the sun.  When they were dry they were then added to the house walls.  At the time when all the dung house wall was finally built, they would crawl into a small opening into the small shelter to sleep each night!

I was shaken by the fact they had no sewers in India and the streets ran with green stinking water.  People were forced to walk through the sewer!  Piles of trash as so large you could not see over them were here and there in the streets.

It took us 3 hours to travel only 35 miles back and forth from the hotel where we stayed to the crusade grounds.  So many people were in the streets on their homemade cars, truck, bicycles, carts, etc one could not move forward.  On top of this there were huge truck everywhere and they were all honking their horns at each other.  The noise was deafening.  Then there were the Holy Cows all in the streets, walking, standing, or laying down.  Nobody seemed to care and would just step up on them when they lay in their way, walking over their bodies.  The cow did not even notice them!  I could go on and on.

What moved me most was the People, millions of people.  If you ever go to India you will seem mostly people.  Forget the sights, you will see more people than you have ever seen.

Now I have said all this to say, The LORD reminded me of just how blessed I am in America.  Literally, when I arrived home, I kissed the ground.

But in America we think we are hurting!  Millions complain while living in their houses and apartments so much nicer than anything those people in Peru and India had.  If the average person from over there visited me, they would think I was a rich man living in a mansion!

So what are we complaining about?  And why do we think that we are somehow better than others?  We are only Blessed, yes Blessed! Beyond our very imagination.

Every American needs to go to Peru and/or India for 2 weeks.  They would shut up complaining.

I best not get started on the attitude of the people.  It is sorely sore.  In Peru the people came and stood in the street for over 3 hours, without chairs to sit in to hear the preacher, over 3 thousand each night.

There was so much hunger for the things of God that they were willing to suffer to hear!  Thousands came to be healed, and were healed, pressing in, in total desperation!  I saw miracles in Peru like I had never seen in my Life and ministry as a Pastor for over 30 years.

In India, the evangelist rented a field that had been a dump ground before.  The ground was green and stank like a rotten pile of garbage.  Yet on the first night of the crusade over 700 people came and stood and sit on blankets to hear the gospel message.  The next night the crowd grew to 1400.  Each night the crowd doubled.

The last night there were literally thousands of people crowed into that field.  Thousands held up their hands wanting Christ.  Thousands of sick people pressed in so hard upon me I could not stand and minister to them.  They grabbed my hand to place it on their head as another grabbed my arm snatching it away to their head.

The pressing in was so bad I had to have a team of Indian Pastors help me out of the field to safety. We literally had to get in a circle and fight to get through the crowd.

I saw hundreds of people healed of all sort of things from total blindness, to cancer!  I saw large growths disappear from the bodies of those prayed for.  I saw crippled get up and walk!

Yet in America, If you call a meeting, maybe five will show up!  Instead of thousands only a handful, and those who come come to judge and point fingers, and will not stay if they do not have padded chairs and air conditioning.  In this country, men are not desperate for God and think they are without needs.

So today, the LORD reminded me of my journeys.  I will shut up any complaining and count my blessings.  I will be thankful for all the ways God has blessed me.  But I will be moved to see men and women in America need God and know it!

But I find myself wanting to go back to Peru, wanting to go back to India.  I am hungry to see hunger!  I am hungry to find someone who cares about the things of god. I am hungry for the real miracles to happen. 

I am praying for America that they will not have to be brought down to the status of those countries before they realize their need for God!

I could say much more, but I think you hear this heart cry.

I think you can feel my heart when so many cannot even come out to a meeting or get concerned about the sick and hurting.  Christians complain about what they have or don’t have while the thousands and millions perish without even good clothes, houses or good food.


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey
The light will shine in His glory… In the desert.

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