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I AM Compassionate and Merciful! — 5 Comments

  1. I believe the LORD has spoken to me through you!!  I have been so encouraged! I’m crying tears of joy!  I am going to print this.

  2. Amen! Praise God! When we feel that there is no rest for the weary, Jesus is right there to hold us up in his arms of divine strength, to help us complete the journey and race, to endure until the very end. I trust in the Lord, even when my mind, arms and legs grow weary, Jesus is right there to hold me up, sometimes not realizing when I am walking strong effortlessly, it is the Lord who has me standing, walking strong.

    Thank you Father God in the name of Jesus, I thank him for his mercy and grace upon the world and upon my life. I appreciate your holy service in Jesus Christ, Dr.June Sheltrown Reinke, truly a major and powerful blessing in the Lord, I certainly do not take it for granted, as God uses you for his glory. I am humbly thankful, giving God the highest praise hallelujah! God bless you, Dr., Minister and great woman of God!

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