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I AM in Your Boat, My Child! — 2 Comments

  1. I love how you speak your words to me Father, with such understanding. Yes, you have calm the stormy sea for me, you have shut the mouths of my enemies before me, you have brought me through as I kept crying out to you to help me. Loving my enemies was difficult and so hard for me. I have learned even though it all, I love my haters. I love all people, just like you do. I’m So happy to have my peace back. I thank you for so silencing my enemies. Wow, what a word that brings to me confirmation and truth. Glory !

  2. Thanks be to God, Abba, Mighty One. Yes, so nice to hear you are in my little boat Thank you for silencing my enemies, on my job, for as I have prayed to you This I know you are indeed at work.I love your words spoken, it always touches my heart. You are So Wonderful, All the time.

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