I AM Jealous


I AM Jealous

Jealousy smolders when My Bride dances with another;
Does she not see My Heart when she chooses that lover?

I gave myself for her, I lay down My life for her salvation;
Yet she tramples My Grace and she mocks sanctification.

I will continue to woo her and draw her nearer to Me;
I will strip out the idols till she hears her husband’s plea.

In the shaking her fearfulness has brought me great pain;
If her heart was stayed on Me she’ll not suffer such strain.

When her desire is for me, the burden is lighter than dust;
Through the storms she will glide for in Me she will trust.

My Bride, do not fear the shaking for what I have said to you is true;
There has to be a breaking before you can experience the breakthrough.



After receiving this word, the LORD wanted me to expound on certain aspects of it to bring understanding to you:

Dances with another”:   Speaks of anything that usurps God’s Lordship in our lives (idols).

Tramples My grace”:   Seeing grace from a self-centred point of view… a means for us to attain all we want in life.

Mocks sanctification”:   Does not submit to the process of purification by clinging onto the things of this world.

I will strip out the idols”:   The stripping and shaking is what the body is currently undergoing.  The quicker we recognize that this is God and not an attack we will begin to see clearly what He is saying in terms of what is taking His place in our lives.  The process is less painful when we surrender to it and choose to trust Him.

When her desire is for Me”:   God is calling us to loose our fleshly desires to experience the fullness of life in Him. He is asking: can I be your ALL?

If there is a breaking in your life – it is a good thing from a spiritual standpoint as it is preparation for the promised breakthrough.

God is just aligning things so that He is first in all things and as a result what you receive will not become another idol in your life and He also wants you to know without a doubt from whence your help comes.

Amen…  All Glory to God!


Ashley Hutheram

HKPAshley Hutheram – a son of God in Christ Jesus.



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