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I Bless Israel — 11 Comments

  1. Do you love the truth? If so educate yourself on the history of Palestine since about 1900 to today.I pray also for Israel and appreciate what they have had to go through as the root plant of our faith but this iteration of the nation of Israel has been severely oppressing the Moslem and Christian population of Palestine since the late 1940s.Are they going out with peace and being led forth with joy? I once gave unconditional support to Israel but now it is only to the innocent and ignorant of both sides. If you love someone you would speak the truth to them. The best thing anyone could do for Israel is to take Israel aside and explain righteous behaviour.Knowing something of the treatment being handed out to the Palestinians I can’t see God’s blessing on Israel until there is repentance for this and more.

  2. I stand in agreement with you, Pastor, in praying for the peace,sec- urity and prosperity of Israel and of every jew everywhere in the world.

    May the wisdom of God and the spirit of unity bind and guide the government and every leader in Israel.

    Israel is BLESSED and this cannot be changed.

  3. Lord we pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, for those they love Thee Shall Prosper- May Peace be within our walls and prosperity be within our gates! -as you have said in Your Word! Psalms 122:6. We thank you for the Salvation of Souls in the midst of All that’s happening, because we know that Your ALL your Plans are Good! ☝

  4. God Bless the Holy Nation of Israel with Wisdom, Power, and Might!
    United We Stand for Its Peace and Victory!
    Amen and God Bless.

    • God bless Israel.

      It seems Israel will be a dividing line for Christians in very near days those who will bless and those who will oppose. Those who will support Israel will be blamed by people for supporting hatred. Lies of media coverage what people will be influenced by. When Hamas attack Israel media view it as a general event but when Israel protect themselves and retaliate they call it war crime.
      No matter what the world says ‘We will stand and pray for Israel’.

  5. During the past 14 days I have spoken this Holy Word of GOD to some people, to unbelievers and haters of Israel. It takes courage to share the Word of GOD. Think about Queen Esther… if we do not open our mouth for Israel in face of the worldwide declared destruction, so who else will do ? I bless Israel !

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