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I Cannot And Will Not Come Down! — 1 Comment

  1. Right on time, dear sister. Thank you for this encouragement.
    I often wonder about the devil and his cohort’s obvious and aggressive jealousy. They smell an upcoming success of GOD’s SAINTS and try to hinder it or at least they want to sabotage it. This morning I have some of them acting “behind the cell phone walls”, if so to say. They observe and surround me day and night and their anger against my walls is terrible. What I built and build, is done WITH GOD’S MIGHTY AND HOLY SPIRIT AND HELP. They delete imporant messages, yes they dare to do so – it’s no accidently computer virus. My phone is new. Censorship and ugly change of wordsettings and they place ugly animations inside or in between, also they shut down computer or phone whenever they have their perverse lust of doing it. So – my true friends who read this: Do not wonder when your pc or phone has a problem – Our enemies have that problem !! And I decree loud and in written form: I AM DOING A GREAT WORK. I CANNOT AND I WILL NOT COME DOWN !!! It’s 10:40 now….

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