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  1. I think focusing on your mountain, failures, and weaknesses is evil. Because it points you to self, where there is no hope, no victory. Christ came to focus our eyes on salvation, His perfection, His person, His beauty, His righteousness. I may be all that you described, but my hope is in Christ for if I could figure it out on my own, I would have done it by now. For who wants to live in a hopeless circle of defeat. Christ came to end that hopeless circle and in Him I have hope! For because of His sacrifice, His shedding of blood, I am made whole and perfect in God’s sight. For all who believe in Christ is made new and their sins are covered by His blood. So yes- because of the fall man fell but because of the righteousness of Christ I am restored. We should point to the righteous saving power of Christ. Keep your eyes on Him for as He is so I am in this world. Look not to self and recieve restoration, in the areas of your failures there is grace to overcome. For we overcome by the blood alone.

    My prayer is for those who have focused so much on their inadequasies that the fruit they produced is lies, gossip, alcoholism and even anger. Focus on Christ and His sacrifice. He can produce the results you need to stop going round the mountain. Look to our Rock! I say this for my own benefit because life will jack you up without warning and bitterness may try to creep in. The hard work was done at the cross. Rest in Christ and His finish work and recieve the power to overcome.

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