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“I Do Not Give False Hope,” Says the LORD! — 2 Comments

  1. I receive this, Lord, humbly…..I have encountered the word HOPE many times today….after questioning circumstances in my mind.  The enemy has been continuous and contending so long without anything confirming.  Yes, I need to KNOW and stand firm in that knowledge that YOU ALONE HOLD THE HOPE, YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF ALL OF THIS, and, my trust in YOU is not in vain but in such a holy war for my future and my HOPE….far greater than I can see.  I love you, Lord…..and I ask you as always to hold me close and keep me.  I hear you….and I want to know the deeper things.  Thank you for giving me so much revelation in such short time.  I hold onto that, and, this gives me HOPE….and trust that YOU are working YOUR WORD is true, YOU are faithful!

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