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  1. Dear Deborah
    In the risk of sounding smug, I know this word was prompted by the Holy Spirit for me. Your obedience to speak this word is sweet as honey as it pours over my wounds…
    I have fought an intense battle the past 5 months – a fight of faith for something I believe was a gift from God: a blessing that He sent, and I subsequently lost. For 5 months I’ve kept the faith that what satan took from me in July 2016 would be restored by end of this year.
    It wasn’t. I received news a few days ago confirming the contrary: what I had lost in July and fought an intense battle to regain, was announced as dead. Only days ago I learnt that it was ‘lost for good’. My heart was shattered. How could the fight of faith wash me upon a shore of defeat? How could satan triumph like this?
    Again – contrary to what anyone would consider sane – I asked God: despite the indisputable finality of the hoped for inheritance, IS IT REALLY OVER? Why am I sensing satan’s hand in this disastrous outcome?
    To ensure I did not saddle up my faith for more disappointment, I asked God to confirm to me: do I pick up my weapons and fight AGAIN because this as the work of satan? Or do I change direction and fight a new fight for a new promise? The latter would be confirmed by some reference to Jericho (because it was a new city that the Israelites had to possess) and the former would be confirmed by reference to Ziklag (because it was a known camp that held David’s possessions captive).
    Your word today was my answer. 
    I’m going to pursue – fight like I’ve never fought before – and come back with all that God promised me. I will recover all.

    Thank you so very much for your faithfulness.

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