I Know Thy Works!


It wasn’t the first time that God’s people, thought He was not watching.  There seems to be a parallel, in that just because He does not respond quickly, or we go a long time doing the same thing without consequences, we think God does not care.  There is also a paradox, that if we keep telling ourselves long enough, that we are right, we truly begin to believe it. Searing our conscience, takes a long time.  It’s often a gradual progression.

How is it, that we can say that we are so like the Apostles, when we’ve ignored so much of what they taught?  Our works, actually prove what is our highest priority; it’s the true reality, of who we say that we are.  I don’t know how we missed some things; but we did.  How is it that spiritual people, could miss the main thing that Christ taught, and enacted within His holy apostles.  Anything that overpowers us loving one another, is false teaching.  And without the real fruit of the Spirit, it doesn’t even matter what we believe.

The works of headiness, and high-mindedness, may be hard to detect; because, they are rooted in self-righteousness and hidden in a cloak of secret pride.  God does not care what I call myself; it doesn’t matter what message I claim or what name is on the door of my establishment.  Not, if I do not understand one thing and I understand it clearly.  He gave His only begotten Son, watched Him die so terribly, as a sacrifice for us.  To profess that name or say we are followers of Him, and not act like Him, is offensive.

We profess, that we love Him; but if we don’t truly love others, we don’t.  I have to ask myself, who, taught us the kind of behavior we have shown to other people.  We can tell people all we want, that we love them, but if our actions and works prove differently, we just cannot expect them to believe we are telling the truth.  How much did the Apostles teach on this?  Today, people are attempting to paddle their own boat; but they are paddling in the wrong direction.

Works, or actions, speak louder than words.  God knows where the Church is; and we need to clearly understand, that He also knows where it should be.  For too many, our works today, do not match the precise preparation plans, that Christ outlined that were to be in force, before His return.  But they will be. His Angels, are about to remove the things that offend; the reaping, has already begun.  Christ knew the works of every church then; and He knows now.  Our works, prove who we are.  And they prove, who we are not.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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