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I Will Avenge You of Your Adversaries! — 9 Comments

  1. Thank you my King. You are our everything. Thanks sister. Powerful anointed woman of ABBA Father.

  2. Thank you. I was praying this morning about a disturbed man who is trying to destroy me … unsuccessfully. God has rescued me and pulled me out of that situation. I praise him for his deliverance.

    Three weeks from now, I must face him in court. I’ve been praying for deliverance again, for the true words to say, to speak forthrightly without fear.

    It is quite difficult not to take vengeance into my own hands. I’ve cried out to be avenged. I’ve begged God for some sign of His power in this situation, and have seen nothing, so far. But I believe he is working. I do believe this. And I have been given the grace to pray for my abuser for almost a year, now. I still pray for him, just as I pray to be avenged.

    Both. Salvation. Vengeance.

  3. Thank you, Heavenly Father for your loving words of encouragement to me. Thank you for defending me against your enemies and restoring what the enemy had stolen from me. Thank you for the exceeding blessings. Please remember Dr. Reinke with your great blessings and divine favor, in Jesus’ name.

    Love, Jay

  4. Praise the Lord, Dr.Sheltrown Reinke, all Glory be to God!
    The words God has given to you to share in post, sounds like it applies to me, as if the Lord is speaking to me, maybe some others, but specifically to me, as I apply myself to what the Lord is actually saying here. I find myself in the very situation.
    I have been raring up in God’s position, not intentionally, but I have found myself wanting to go to war, taking vengeance on my adversaries, as pride had somewhat taken place inside of me as a man to defend myself, but I truly do understand that God says vengeance is his, this is word and scripture. For God is, the All Powerful I Am, to stand in battle with the enemy, to conquer, to destroy the works of the devil and soon to destroy the power of Satan for good. Thank you, Jesus! God bless you, Dr. Sheltrown Reinke!

    You have sincerely and truly, have been a blessing, as you continue to allow the Lord to use you in holy service for him, it ministers to my heart. I pray your strength in the Lord Jesus, spiritually, mentally and physically!

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