I will release REVELATION as never before!

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I will release REVELATION as never before!
I have reserved a Remnant, a Great Army!


I will release REVELATION as never before!

“I will release REVELATION as never before.  I will POUR OUT MY SPIRIT on all flesh and they will see the glory of the LORD Your God!  I am calling to many of you who are older to become spiritual mothers and fathers in the sense of NURTURING the young and imparting wisdom and all the gifts I’ve given you.

I will teach them and reveal to them great secrets.  So do not dismiss them because they are youth!  They are not separate from the church because of their youth.  They ARE the church as much as children and older people.  I can speak to them as easily as to you, for it is not because of your age or intelligence I speak, but because of My love for you.  And I love them dearly, and I WILL speak to them and to all who will LISTEN, many, many secrets.

Do not disqualify even the youngest of children for out of the mouths of babes and infants I have ordained PRAISE!  I told you to become as little children or you wouldn’t enter the kingdom of heaven!  So listen to your children and grandchildren!  Do not dismiss them from prayer rooms, or worship!

Know that I can move through whomever I will at My own preference.  I am not PARTIAL! Raise the children to KNOW THEIR GOD and to worship Me in Spirit and in TRUTH!

Open your hearts to believe they have ability to hear from Me also!  Do not dismiss their words.”

I have reserved a Remnant, a Great Army!

“Just as in the times of Elijah, I have reserved a remnant who will not bow their knee to Baal.  I have worked on them even in the lost of the world to disdain riches in order that they might truly cling to ME as I am revealed!

This generation will not pass away before they see the coming of the KING of KINGS and LORD OF LORDS.

I am amassing a great army young and old, and of all races, and ethnic groups, to go forth into the streets of cities and nations and to do the work of their KING.”


God bless you,
~  Priscilla

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I will release REVELATION as never before! — 2 Comments

  1. Its been some time now that I ve sensed that we sbould wait on the Lord to do something He needs to do before moving…its also been some time that I ve asked Lord Jesus to cloth me with His garments…as I felt led to ask…then some week or ago i noticed that He said to wait for His baptisms and/or new outpourings He will do…before making changes to move…then I saw few days back that we will be CLOTHED with power from on High to be His witnesses…which has been our hearts desire and cry for most of our lives…and we ve been lacking power and in the last year just came so aware of my weak state…and in this waiting…i ve just realised over and over again that He needs to do and send what He and Abba promised to do and send to us.  Now …tonight as i reminded Him that we are still waiting and that we are thanking Him so long anyway…I saw in my spirit this beautiful beautiful beautiful garment, which is called “Clothed with power” which is just one of the many garments of His glory that He cloth us with…I saw this beautiful garment…royal, lacy, graceful, rich, flowing, in tones of gold…It was as if He showed it to me…in His hand…i told Him, Lord its so beautiful! Then, I asked Him will He please cloth me now with it, but then i just had to tell Him that i know i dont deserve it and i know i am weak and ugly but that is why i need all of Him and what He did for me and that its because of my own weakness that I need HIM to CLOTH me with His garments ..then as i cried before Him…aware of my undeservedness…I realised there are many more garments, beautiful ones and I asked Him, Lord they are all so beautiful, please let us wear them all at once. As if He smiled and said it is possible. I just knew that He smiled on me and that He will do what He said and I just ve to trust Him and wait. I want to encourage those that are in this waiting period…He is faithful. Our Lord Most High.

  2. These garments …worn all at once…is like a garment that reflects differently as the light changes around from different anckles…as the light that shines on it, moves from different sides and anckled the garment shows off a diff one…changing in the light as He controls it…as He is in control of timing and occasions and what needs to be done every moment of the day…we just ve to abide in Him and listen and do as He leads us. Amen. Graceful Lord God Almighty. Amen.

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