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Jesus Is Coming For The Jews — 3 Comments

  1. too much truth is coming out so those that have plege allegiage to satan, anti christ and the beast system know that their time is sort so they have to hurry their plan towards the new world order. so shocking to hear that some of our supposely great faith generals like billy graham ,oral roberts,kenneth copeland are all freemasons who mission was to deceive eveyone with this fake gospel. i was very hurt when i discovered this, but if you work for satan, then what is there left to do. see dana steves:one love and 7 trumpets preppers. both have amazing testimony about who the true chosen people really are. so start their if you you chose. as far as who is freemasons , i did my own research. also look at the the subtle hand signs and symbols. i mean every thing cannot be a conspiracy theory at this point. shalom brothers and sisters. as true christian we will prevail over the enemys lies

  2. which jews. the real or fake ones. your dream doesnt make any sense except the true jews will accept the messiah after they have endured a long stint in the land of their captivity which is america(mystery babylon). i suggest you read duetroronomy 28 lcarefully, over and over untill you get it. also try finding all the books the pope and the gentiles took to deceive many in the last days. dont be deceive true yahshrael have not been gathered. all the gentile nations are confederate in not revealing who they are when they built the new world. as for the fake jews., read revelation 2:9, revelation 3:9. so if true israel has not been gathered, i think that it is a lot of deception in todays christianity, which is based on lies. these gentile nations just crashed the economy so that things will begin to get so bad that people will accept the nwo and anti chirist. who will then sit in the fake temple in fake israel and declare himself as the messiah. we were all born in deception. stop deceiving or being deceived!!!!!!! shalom

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