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YOU Hold the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven! — 3 Comments

  1. We must use our authority in Christ to decree and pray that any attempt by the enemy to use Covid19 against us and our civil liberties for evil to fall. Some are fearful that it is coming that unless we get a vaccine we cannot work, buy or sell. We must pray and decree using our freedom in Christ that we will not be chained in bondage to wicked plans meant to kill, steal and destroy our blessings in Christ. The pandameic is real, people died, I take every precaution at this point but if it seems in time that they will use it as a set up for the mark of the beast I am not waiting. We must pray now that any of these plans against us fall and fail and be crushed under our feet. Now is the time to cry out and use our authority in Christ, pray & decree against all plans to trample upon our freedoms in Christ and to set up the evil plans of antichrist fail. If the Son sets you free you are free indeed. Pray that if this is a set up that the truth be made known by God and unearthed so all will see that God alone is sovereign. For such a tine as this lift up your voice and hands and pray against all powers of wickedness that they do not prosper and all Gods children say Amen. Glory to God Greater is He that is in us than he who is in the world. I am not saying this is a set up but some say and I agree that it may be. Time will tell but I am not waiting around helpless like a victim waiting. Cry out. Fast and pray. Pray and decree now that this not be used against us to attempt to bring us to bondage and for evil. That any evil plans fall and do not prosper.Pray for wisdom and understanding.  Amen

  2. Hello maybe you can interpret this vision: I saw the American flag it was about 20 feet wide and 20 feet in length. Very big! But I was folded and under some dirt! I had a sense of like oh my gosh the flag is being ruined bc of this dirt we need toget it out of the ground and I saw people rushing with their bob cat equipment trying to dig it out

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