Jesus Lord, I’m captured by Thy beauty


You have captured MY heart, My Treasure, My Bride.

You are beautiful in My eyes.  At one time, you were caught in the snare of the evil one.

I reached down from heaven and took hold of you, I caught you in My Net of Grace.

I saw you floundering, and drew you out of the deep waters.  I rescued you from the kingdom of darkness, and from those who were too strong for you.

In the day of your distress, I was your Support.  In the midst of your black and stormy seas, I came to you and saved you.

I AM He who leads captivity captive.  I have redeemed you, called you by name, and you are Mine.  It is a sweet mutual consent.  We are One.

I in you and you in Me.  You are set apart to Me  I delivered you from the clutches of the evil one.

Now you are a prisoner of My Love.  You have been captured by Grace.  You dwell in the Secret Place where no evil may dwell.

You abide under the Shadow of the Almighty.  As you have captured My Heart, so let Me capture yours completely.

I AM your Glorious Habitation.  Come deeper into My Glory, My Love.  There is no more beautiful Place to dwell.”

Jesus Lord, I’m captured by Thy beauty

Jesus Lord, I’m captured by Thy beauty,
All my heart to Thee I open wide;
Now set free from all religious duty,
Only let me in Thyself abide.
As I’m gazing here upon Thy glory,
Fill my heart with radiancy divine;
Saturate me, Lord, I now implore Thee,
Mingle now Thy Spirit, Lord, with mine.

Shining One — how clear the sky above me!
Son of Man, I see Thee on the throne!
Holy One, the flames of God consume me,
Till my being glows with Thee alone.
Lord, when first I saw Thee in Thy splendor,
All self-love and glory sank in shame;
Now my heart its love and praises render,
Tasting all the sweetness of Thy name.

Precious Lord, my flask of alabaster
Gladly now I break in love for Thee;
I anoint Thy head, Beloved Master;
Lord, behold, I’ve saved the best for Thee.
Dearest Lord, I waste myself upon Thee;
Loving Thee, I’m deeply satisfied.
Love outpoured from hidden depths within me,
Costly oil, dear Lord, I would provide.

My Beloved, come on spices’ mountain;
How I yearn to see Thee face to face.
Drink, dear Lord, from my heart’s flowing fountain,
Till I rest fore’er in Thine embrace.
Not alone, O Lord, do I adore Thee,
But with all the saints as Thy dear Bride;
Quickly come, our love is waiting for Thee;
Jesus Lord, Thou wilt be satisfied.

(Hymn #1159)


~ Deborah Waldron Fry

Deborah Waldron FryDeborah Waldron Fry



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Jesus Lord, I’m captured by Thy beauty — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you so much my beloved sister for these awesome and encouraging words. On Saturday it was my birthday. I went to the beach with my family I had a wonderful time24. I have realized one thing that God has created me with a purpose. Indeed my beloved sister he drew me out of the deep waters. I will praise his name as long as I live. Once again thank you so much for your prayers, I mean to all the prophets really you are amazing, your prophetic messages makes me strong. I cannot stay without his words. Halleljah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!