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  1. My daughters husband died about 4 years ago unexpectedly he did drink a lot. He went to work and his boss said you need to see a Dr you don’t look good at all. An appointment was made with a Dr who used to serve in the white house and was now practicing in AZ he told the alcoholic you need to see a different Dr about his liver. He did not keep the Appt and the apartment manager was called and they found him dead in his forty’s laying in bed. Awhile after 2 weeks my daughter says she had a dream and her dead husband spoke to her and said : They live by a different set of rules down here. Something to consider when you don’t believe there is a hell. Be careful where you live pray first. There was a man on one corner who drank did drugs and on the other side a devil worshipper. I took my grandchildren for few years to church every Sunday then to lunch they could bring friends. If your able make sure the seeds of the word get planted early.

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