Judgement in the House of God

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Judgement in the House of God

Going by the prophetic Calendar; from the day of the new covenant, when the first Christian left Egypt and this hour of meandering in the wilderness’s FINAL STRETCH, it can only suggest that the church is about to enter everlasting completeness.

And so God is establishing His everlasting principles of righteousness this hour.  A new place requires new establishments, both in the principles and the character of God.

Therefore, since New establishments demand severity of God, to produce the fear of God, and to let all know that HE is serious about what He is establishing; then all MUST KNOW THAT JUDGEMENT HAS SURELY STARTED IN THE HOUSE OF GOD.  Shalom

Establishing Principles of God

God’s severest Judgments are manifest when He is establishing His people in a new place of restoration, truth and ministry.

For that same reason, He struck Ananias and Saphira dead for being deceitful when He was establishing the New Testament Church (Acts 5:1-11).  The Lords purpose in such severity is to produce the reverential fear of God within the people, and to let all know that He is serious about the principles He is establishing, for His new Movement.

Be Careful how you treat a Man of God

I have another word of caution and wisdom.

God honors His servants.  God honors righteous men.  And He says; receive a righteous man as a righteous man and you will receive his/her reward.

The same to servants of God, in the manner of their office.  These people are carers of rewards.

Servants of God should be cautious with those who trivialize them.  Those who wants to address them with their first name.  The name you call a man or a woman of God determines the degree of interactions and what reward you get.

Some people want to interact shallowly with you, they take you ordinary and they think they can do anything with you in the church and out of the church.

They try their darts on you.  They subtly check your availability to do what they want.  Be careful, servants of God.  Be careful church, the servants of God are God’s vessels and you must honor them.

Be Careful – owners of Anointing Oil

I have word of caution and wisdom for you.

Some of Christians rush to buy anointing oil or take many on offer from fundraising servants of God.   They begin to put their faith around the oil as they wish but they are not a pastor or a prophet.

There is a BIG PROBLEM here.  The use of oil is only prescriptive as the scripture says and by those entrusted to use.  Luke 4:18, speaks the empowerment of the anointing, all of the roles are war-faring missions.

This means that having oil will attract the enemy.  The oil is a symbol of your sanctification for Battles and Christians who walk opposite have all bunch of enemies being attracted by reason of the illegal anointing.

I remember the day I was anointed.  From that moment, all international flies and local flies came against me, death and devil waters rushed to sweep over me, and I learnt this wisdom.

Be careful; some of you need deliverance from these bottles of oil.  Some of this is practical witchcraft.  Hey!  Do you hear me?

Who gets the glory?

I feel sad when people take glory for the themselves, or to other things, when it is God who has done it.

Claiming miracles does not give you any.

It is God who gives both to will and Do.

A servant of God must have the wisdom of giving it all back to God even if it was through them that miracles occurred.  Do not sit on your miracle.

Sometimes God checks around to see who is getting the glory.

Today I pray that all that you have ever had will be used to magnify the Lord Himself.  I know when we pray God will do it.

I wait for your Testimony not to get a portion but to celebrate my Lord and magnify His works.

The Fear of the Lord and Wisdom thereto

There is another degree of walking with God for the seers, prophets and anyone who desires a separated walk unto him that transcends the spiritual and rests in the physical.

It is a level of Holy fear and wisdom for living where God is very concerned with the details of your physical ambiance.

You will walk in great fear of the Lord, how to eat and to what limit.  God will create fear in you to make your bed and your environment clean, to bathe and adorn yourself honourable.

In some cases God whispers to you when you are putting on unwanted mass weight on your body or when you are growing a tummy that discomforts you in his presence.  This is a level of awe, after the spiritual.

I am praying for you to move past the spiritual Holiness and to the level of wisdom for living.

Kenya’s New Churches

In some places in Kenya and other parts of Africa, we may not need to open New churches.

What we need is to preach the right gospel of repentance and Holiness in the already existing ones.

Some of these churches appear so clinical and mocks Christianity and blaspheme the name of God.

The names need to be changed to something that speaks of the things above.

Then I dare say, we need new vessels who have not bowed to another gospel of corruption.


~ Prophet Peter Odhiambo

Prophet Peter OdhiamboProphet Peter Odhiambo is the founder of Heart Revival Network International, Kenya and a Prophetic Endtime Minister of the Gospel. He preaches in Crusades, open air and Revival meetings. The Lord continuously shows him concerning apostasy in the Church and the need to prepare the Bride to fit into the Wedding of the Lamb, according to Revelation 19:7-8.


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