Kicking the Habit – HIS Way!


May this not bring condemnation to anyone.

Our life is a continual process of learning and growing and wanting to be complete over comers, KNOWING WE ARE OVER COMERS IN HIM, we all want to experience the the manifestation of the victory Jesus won for us.

I am going to share a thought with you, my heart is so heavy today.

I feel for the struggling ones.  Hang in there.

Years ago in my 30s I sought the LORD daily, wanting more of Him and less of me!

Soooo much less of me.  Soooo much More of Him.

I felt so helpless at times and weak – I felt so weak in my flesh, but I wanted Jesus more than I had or more than was manifesting in my life.

I smoked cigarettes and it was such a hindrance.  I fought that battle for years.

There is plenty of condemnation out there from those who probably never had a habit, or they were delivered right away…..

But for those who have not been delivered yet away, there is hope.

You hold on and don’t ever give up, because of the condemnation and lies, because God WILL deliver you in His time, HE will not fail you.

I inquired of the LORD, “Why?”  at one point in my life, Why had He not delivered me or given me strength to just lay that habit down…….?

May this not offend anyone, but the LORD told me, “When you want ME more than you want a cigarette, I will deliver you!”

I wanted His anointing.  I had a call to ministry, but my flesh wanted to keep a hold on this habit!

When I heard those words, I knew I wanted God more.

I fought that battle even harder with the Word.  I even went to classes to quit and it cost a lot of money to do that.

God could have taken it away from me, but He let me fight it out.

Do not come under condemnation for anything you are asking God for help in.

Do not take the stones thrown at you, just keep pressing in.  You will come through it all victoriously.  He will anoint you for a life of service for Him.

May the religious spirits be silenced.  There is no politically correct way.  God is always going to do it His way and in His time.

Just sharing.  May you want God more than your fleshly desires and overcome quickly, I pray.


~ Gail Manizak

Gail ManizakGail Manizak of The Power and Presence Ministry, is all about encouraging the Body of Christ as a Ministry of Intercession and contending for our communities, as a House of Prayer.


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Kicking the Habit – HIS Way! — 5 Comments

  1. Thank You because I needed to hear this since I too want to quit smoking but still struggling.

  2. Thank you for this message. I struggling with a sin as well but I am not giving up. I am so ready to give it up for Jesus

  3. So glad to see this word of faith & hope!  I too have been healed of this terrible addiction, so can share this with you~ Please know that in the Lord’s eyes, He also sees our choice to seek Him as a measure of faith, evidenced merely by our request for His help.  I too was addicted to smoking, 4 to 5 packs a day as a chain-smoker, plus a couple of other addictions that tend to team with this trap.  I was studying some deep revelation Words posted online by a heavily anointed prophetess one day when I decided to call her personally & ask for deliverance prayer, as she listed her phone with her posts, thankfully!  She lived about 2,500 miles away, & so she prayed for me over the phone.  About 20 to 30 seconds into her prayers, she began describing what she could see in the spirit realm, as a little angel of God arrested & hauled away a huge demon of addiction, with long cords attached to 2 smaller demons of addiction, trailing behind.  She saw the angel-Child hauling these demons down to hell, and as he returned he exclaimed to us- “This was my first addiction eviction!”, as he giggled in great delight over the victory!  It was my experience that there were absolutely no withdraw symptoms with the Lord’s grace, & never again did I have the slightest craving for any of the addictions taken away.  But you must seek Jesus for this kind of deliverance, and ask Him to lead you to a holy Spirit filled anointed ‘elder’.  (James 5:14, hint: in those days, the elders were the prophet/apostles!) Look for someone to pray for you who is already doing healing miracles & operating in the true power of God, not anyone famous or on TV.  If they need a ‘faith gift’ to reserve a prayer spot for you, move on.  The Word says- “Freely you have received, freely give”.  Also persevere to- “Ask, seek, & knock, & you will find”!  rick

  4. Thank you!!! I picked up my RX for chantix today. I have been trying for 2 years to overcome this generational addiction. Would sure appreciate prayers. My church is praying. I have had deliverance prayers and declarations and claimed victory in Jesus. But not yet, have I defeated this horrible enemy. Soooon