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Kingdom and “The End Times” — 4 Comments

  1. Dear Ron, As I read. line upon line, through this timely synopsis, I kept hearing My Kingdom come..it is coming like lightning with many warnings, my will shall be done for I am the creator and I am the deliverer and what I started I will finish for I will have the last word. Never forget WHO I AM or that I AM the I AM that caused you to be and I AM the author of Life and Death. I had the FIRST word in the beginning..let their be light and I will have the last word..for when I am finished..I AM the end..indeed the FIRST and the LAST. God bless you. Sandi Holman

  2. Mighty in scriptures in Kingdom Dynamics! it’s true, the versions of eschatology divides. When our focus is what God has called US to do in the earth, His Kingdom comes and eschatological events are revealed. Amen. You left us w/Luke 12:32 and that phrase “little flock” tagged me in the spirit, bc last time I checked the Body of Christ is not a “little flock”. I believe “little flock” speaks to the rising “Remnant administration” of God’s govt. aligning and growing NOW, like AS the parable of the Mustard seed. Matt. 17:20 Heb. 11:1-6 Let’s go Church!

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