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Laos: Christian Family Attacked and Displaced From Home — 2 Comments

  1. So sad for these children. Christians under attack. This has been going for decades in China. I recall hearing about it at church as a child, 40 years ago. It’s still going on. All religions attacked in China apart from the ones who replace God with Xi. The last thing they want is people following the example of inpsired martyrs who publicly denounced scribes and pharisees, and woke people up to what a burden they were under

  2. I cannot begin to express how my heart is aching for this family and the torture they are going through. We cannot say I understand. We can only say, God have mercy. I am praying for divine intervention and protection and healing of the hurting hearts. I cannot even imagine how those precious children are processing all this. May the angelic host of heaven surround, protect and keep them all in safety and may God heal their broken hearts quickly in Jesus name. Thanks so much for sharing and allowing us to see what true persecution is like and how evil is manifesting in other countries. In prayer, Sandi Holman

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