Learning Obedience from the Lord, 101

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Invisible Spiritual Children

Some of you are mentoring invisible spiritual children.  They secretly claim you as their spiritual parent, but yet never acknowledge they know you publicly.

They don’t interact with you.  They seldom contact you.  They are not even accountable to you.  They only contact you when they want or need prayer or finances.

You pour into them, but they won’t even give you a thank you.  They only mention you when your name can do something for them.

It’s not a spiritual relationship if you don’t associate with each other.

How can they watch for your soul and they don’t even know where you are, or what you doing, because you just wanted to connect for opportunity and not covenant?

They are takers.  They always come to receive, but will never give their love or time to you, because their is no commitment.

Watch out for those who change spiritual covering like they change their clothes.  They don’t want you to know them intimately they just want to contact you enough to make sure you haven’t disconnected from them.

Authority, Women and Man-made Titles

One of the worst things I could do is to let a man-made title try to cover a God ordained mandate.

I will never let flesh cover what is spirit!  With that being said, I don’t care what name you add in front of your title, it does not qualify you to cover the anointed that’s on my life.

Some of you men need to go to a corner get on your knees and pray until you get an understanding that being a woman does not mean i am helpless, confused, illiterate, or a renegade, it means I am smart enough to know that you recognize my worth and how it can add to what you are doing, because of the spiritual gifts and anointing I have along with the wisdom I walk in, is needful for what you trying to do.

Don’t play with me.  My Father in heaven protects his daughter and my natural and spiritual sons take up the slack.  And by the way God has fully equipped me for all that He has called me to do!!

Learning Obedience from the Lord, 101

My God, I was just sitting here listening to The Lord and I heard Him say,

“I AM issuing a restraining order against those who have been making unauthorized entries into your life!”

Whewwww!!  The power of God hit me like a bolt of lightening in the top of my head and the Spirit of God within me begin to war against unlawful spiritual access that the enemy was gaining through vessels that were usable for His works.

God said He was shutting the peephole that people were using to see and hear into the lives of the people.  He was making people invisible in the spirit and untraceable.  They were trying to discern, but their perception is off, because they don’t know what dimension God has shifted you into.

He is shutting off their ability to try and find you, by closing all doors windows and gates of entrance, and only those assigned to protect you in the Spirit of God will have the ability to access your atmosphere to see what is warring, fighting, and battling against you, so that they can intercede and pray.

The Spirit of God said to me, “I AM closing the mouth of those who come with illegal prophecies and negative words to pull you back into the dimension and atmosphere that they can find you in.”

I rebuke the eyes of the peepers and demonic watchers who come to see, so that they can attempt to stop hinder and block your new season, new elevation, new place of authority and anointing.

Your shift, your move, your elevation, has made people uncomfortable, because they can no longer see you.  They are trying to guess, and missing you totally.

God is doing a new thing with me in this season and many demonic forces are now attacking my newness, because He is sending me to war against those things that are comfortable to those that are religious.

There are those who He has given a new boldness and righteous indignation has risen up in you, to stand and protect the Word of God with fierceness.

He dealt with me about a more excellent way of walking in love toward His people.  He rebuked me for embracing a concept that we have been taught about guarding our anointing, and then gave me illustrations.

He said leaders are always talking about someone touching them and transferring spirits or contaminating their anointing, but He said, how can a spirit enter in except you are walking in or practicing sin?

The devil can’t just transfer a spirit to you, when you are walking in the anointing and glory.  He said, look at Jesus, look at My apostles lives, they walked among their enemies, they encountered them, they were mobbed and people touch them as they ministered and walked with them.  They were not afraid of demons being in their midst, because they brought deliverance, healing and salvation.

In fact, demons sought them out – their enemies showed up where they were at.  They used their anointing, their authority and power I had placed upon them, to deal with the people.

He said, look at My disciples the apostles.  Their enemies couldn’t take their lives unless I allowed it.  The demons, when they encountered those whom I sent, even if they were a lunatic, had to bow down and submit to the authority of anointing upon their life.

He said, when I send you on assignment, I already assigned you protection.  He begin to tell me, why are preachers hiding and running and need a army of armor bearers to protect them from the people I have sent them to bring out?

He began to tell me, embrace My people.  Love on them more.

Show them you can be holy, righteous and walk in authority, but yet be loving and full of joy.

Show them that being sanctified doesn’t mean you are stuck up and mean spirited.

Show them that they can walk in authority without being offensive and rude.

Show the people a more excellent way of leadership.

These changes were somewhat uncomfortable at first, because I had that mindset I had been taught, but as I obeyed God, you know what happened?  The people begin to open up and receive the love, correction, discipline and rebuke, as well as the guidance of wisdom, more readily and acceptable.  Why?  Because they got to know me beyond the pulpit.

And you know what else?  They respect me more.  They stayed in their places and they knew their boundaries, because I became accessible to those whom God had put me in covenant with.

And guess what else i am learning even better?  How to deal with them.

I love the wisdom of God, that’s why I sit at His feet and stay on my face before Him.  When you know better, you do better, and you see better results!

I know better now, and nobody will cause me to disobey The Lord concerning how He is teaching me to deal with His people!  Obedience is better than sacrifice!  So if I lose some, because they can’t deal with the newness, it’s not because of the enemy, it’s because God is saying they not mature enough to go pass the old into the new!

Don’t get stuck sometimes like a train, form which you have to unhooked some cars to leave for someone else to pick up and take to their destination, because you took them as far as they can go with you.


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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Learning Obedience from the Lord, 101 — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks Apostle Thomas, for sharing these insights. A blessing,very insightful.
    How to carry and conduct ourselves under the Anointing. Ministering to, yet creating boundaries for many needful hurting people,.this requires Love and Wisdom. I’ve Noticed lately while shut up, isolated in The Word and prayer for a few days, when I come down into the proverbial “valley”, in a store, midst of people I suddenly become aware of His Presence and power,.anointing upon my life. Is that a common experience?
    Please, be praying for me as I am endeavoring to “forget those things which are behind.” Philippians 3:13-21, and Press into that “New and greater wave of His Glory”.
    Yes, its our time, for a Glorious change, to “Arise,shine” I am weathered by time and battle weary, but i am Looking Up. In need of your anointed prayers,
    Filled With His Love, Philippians 1:9-11, abounding Grace 2 Corinthians 13:14.
    Thank You, Shalom Robert

  2. Amen My Sister. Thank God For You Keeping It Real. Love and Wisdom is the Key. Love Your Spirit.