Let My People Go!


There’s been a breach in the wall.  If we are going to see the truth, we must admit that there is more than one.

When false prophets and false teachers come in, as Paul said that they would, their actions and their messages eat away at the very foundation of God’s house.  The Holy City was in ruins.  The gates had all been burned with fire.  There was utter destruction there.  The people of God had been scattered everywhere; in all kinds of places.  A different authority ruled; the old paths had been forgotten.

But God has always had people, and He always will.  Those whose heart has been touched; hearts that are broken when they see the condition of the LORD’s house.

In our day and time, it is called the body of Christ.  All of those lessons, those parables and messages that Jesus taught, have been enacted out – the truths behind them, now, even more revealed.

In the story of the title of this note, the people had to begun to cry out to God first.  They had to see and admit that they had reveled in disobedience, becoming very evil.

When the time came, someone had to lead them out.  Some who had already been appointed for that time, had to stand before the ruler of their captivity.  Let us understand right now, they did not have to stand before such high ranks, by themselves.  The almighty power of God walked with them through the entire confrontation.

It took more wonders and miracles than some had even thought it would.  The Holy Spirit of God traveled before them, and after them.  It was a supernatural event; nothing man could have claimed.

In my small sphere of knowledge, the wall represents the unity of the Spirit among us today.  When that unity is broken, there are cracks that appear in the very things we say we believe.  If it is unchecked, this separation corrupts everything it touches.

When false teaching prevails, it allows men to change the order and true authority that God placed there.  As in all other forms of government, those who’ve retained power and control for themselves, will not give up easily.  It’s become clear; man, does not know when to stop.

All of the ups and downs we’ve had, the road we have traveled, the hurts, the stumbles, the upheavals in our lives, have made us one of the most equipped groups ever.  We’ve had to see what following men can really lead to.

I remember years ago, when a minister made a statement, that literally stirred up the entire constituency.  He said that only half of what was called the church, was going to make it.  By that time, the church, as many of us remember, had already begun to arrive out from across the tracks, into much nicer buildings and less oppression.  Two in the field, two at the mill . . .

“They shall be called, a repairer of the breach.”  I often wonder, just how many of us had this phrase impressed upon our spirits.  We didn’t understand it then.  It had to unfold through God’s timing.

You see, persecution understands persecution . There is a great gulf that has resulted over time, among those who say they are a part of His body; the real church.  A distance has steadily grown, between us and sinners; brothers and sisters of the faith and those who have been overtaken in faults.

The genuine love of Jesus Christ that once connected us, has grown thin and dim.  It’s a great valley between who we were, and who we are.  It must be repaired; now.

As a prodigal, I remember coming back to what I thought was the Father’s house.  What met me there, was a spirit; I saw the person it spoke through.

It was not a demonic spirit; it was a human spirit.  It said to my spirit, “What are you doing back here?  I thought you were done, finished!  I thought we had gotten rid of you once and for all!”

I learned that it was not the Father’s house; it never truly had been.  It was the house of men.  The remnant must have a mind to work.  There is no more one-man band; no sole authority among us.  A voice speaks across eons of time once again,  “Let My people go!”


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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  1. those word written about the demonic spirit speaking, I have heard those word myself, ever since I was a child, I still hear them saying it. praise God!

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