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Life Lessons and Sometimes How We Can Learn — 6 Comments

  1. Hahaha
    “Marshmallow” is sweet innocent baby & can’t do no wrong .
    I’m just playing. I can’t help but call him that because he looks like a fat fluffy marshmallow .
    In a serious note though I knew the instant I saw that baby he needed a human to intervene & obviously God had his touch on him. He was so pitiful & his little meows were melting my heart. He continues to have that effect on me even now. He’s so gentle, timid, & loving.  He’s definitely one of a kind . I’m thankful for you mama for taking him in because he needed you . Shout-out to Ms kitty & fluffs❤️.

    • I Will shout out to ‘Fluffs’ and ‘Ms. Kitty’ of course..lol
      Well Destini will have to read your comment for sure, as she likes to rename my cat too as “icecream.”
      Seriously, I thank God you found him that day. I believe he found you and help! I love you much daughter. ❤️

  2. I’ve got NINE of the little rascals due to people throwing them out or not getting their pets fixed and the kittens find their way up here.  I’m tired of it, it’s expensive….but i love each one dearly.  Even had a cat that had a penpal overseas, due to him being quite a naughty boy,and his antics cracked her up.  They are such special little creatures, you are right!

    • Thanks for coming by. That’s a lot of animals. We sure can get very attached to our furry pets! Some treat animals with respect and sadly some don’t. Praying we all treat animals with kindness and even learn from them. God bless.

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