Living under Grace — 3 Comments

  1. Dear Yolanda You can probably see by now why the enemy is called “the accuser of the brether”. I pray thay God gives you the Wisdom of who to share what is on your heart with & they will show you the Love of God that brings about your Healing & Deliverance through the Holy Spirit. BE BLESSED in HIM!

  2. Dear Yolanda,
    Those who do church are not necessarily the True Church.  The True Church is hidden, the True Church who when they read your writings can identify with suffering and heartache and sorrow and pain.  The True Church will pray for their brothers and sisters even though they have never met them, and only know them by their writings on the internet.  The True Church have the love and compassion of Christ and will not turn away from you with a hardened heart. Please know that there are many people out there who you will one day meet in heaven who are praying for you because they love you, because you are their sister in Christ and they deeply care for you. 
    Sending you love and encouragement.

  3. Bless you. Thank you for the encouragement. I have endured similar pain – but you are right to pray for them and invite Our Lord Jesus in to make right. This was a good word and I am thankful that you shared something so dear to you to help others.

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