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Love Is God’s Spirit Energy Frequency — 2 Comments

    • This is the food the World is starving for God revealed to me long ago that there is a presnce with us that isright under our Nose that haumns are stumbling over by looking for a Material Place or the Picture images of God Jesus and the kingdom. Pleading with Christ and the Holy Spirit to reveal to me the Truth , I began to have revelations of God’truth , In the joy of this ,Netwroks of People launched Electronic attackes on Computers Calling devices Hit Squads was haired to stalk me .Government and Police refused to assisnt me ,My glasses was stolen by the collobratres of the Hit Squad , I reached 80 this January all my friends in the US and Turkey turned thier backs on me ceased contact But the Ministers in You Tube have helped me.The smail I hacked when I subscribe to Chtist family are blocked by Devil worshipers and witches who are stalking me on line and on the ground some are blood family in the USA.

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