Marketplace Prayer


The following prayer is extracted from the book called “Prayers That Bring Change” by ©Apostle Kimberly Daniels.


“Father God, I thank You that You strategically placed me in the marketplace in this set season and right time.

I thank You for the authority You have given me over everything on the earth, above the earth, and beneath the earth.

Whatever I bind or loose on the earth is bound and loosed in heaven.

I loose the spirit of the breaker upon every blood washed believer whom You have sealed with Your seal of righteousness.

I decree and declare that because I am a joint heir with Jesus Christ, I am bursting out, growing, increasing, dispersing, and breaking forth in all directions in the marketplace.

The anointing of mega is resting upon me, and the spirit of excellence goes before me.

I thank You, Father, that You have transferred the wealth of the wicked to the just.

I command it to manifest in my business affairs.

Every principality, power, and ruler of darkness set in the marketplace must flee because the light of the Most High God has come!

These weak powers are permanently displaced in the name of Jesus.

I am a true son (or daughter) of God.  I cannot be placed under a bushel.

Because I have humbled myself under the mighty hand of God, He has exalted me to be a great light where darkness once resided.

The perfect will and purposes of God will be made manifest in the earth realm through my service, beginning now.

I am in the perfect will (telios) of God.  He has given me the power to possess (yeresh) the land.

I have God-given influence in all governmental agencies, corporations, the education system, the medical industry, the field of entertainment, sports arenas, the media arena, Hollywood, the fields of modern technology, and on Wall Street.

I have favor in every endeavor of entrepreneurship that God sets my hands to pursue.

Every person, place, or thing in the marketplace that was meant for evil against me has been turned around for my good because I love God.

My success in the marketplace is not by power, not by might, but by the Spirit of the true and living God.

Every dark umbrella of demonic influence that attempted to block the rain of God over my business affairs has been disintegrated by the fire of the Holy Spirit. God, I thank You that I will not despise small beginnings, and my latter rain will be greater than my former rain.

God, You are taking my business affairs from glory to glory.  Godly influence and favor are my portion.

Since the good hand of God is upon me, I am under an open heaven.

I am committed unto God to tithe, to pay first fruit offerings, and to be a good steward.

I am peculiar because I am in God, and because of this, people will be drawn to me.

The magnet of the Lord is in my belly, and good things will be drawn unto me.

The angels of the Lord will cause all Ishmaels and things that will get me ahead of the timing of God to be pushed away from me.

The spirit of getting ahead of God (proskairos) is bound. My gifts and talents will make room for me in a way that no man can deny.

God, I thank You that the wisdom of Solomon is upon me.  This wisdom allows me to prosper, be successful, and maintain godly priorities in my life.

I will live a life to enjoy the work of my labor.  This is my heritage from the Lord.

I will be a witness in the marketplace and win thousands of souls for Jesus because I am wise.

Priestly discernment and the gift of discernment will flow fluently in my life.

My eyes will clearly perceive and have a revelation of what is good and what is evil.

I will know and teach the difference between what is holy or unholy, and clean or unclean.

The Zadok anointing is upon my life.  I will know the times and seasons of God.

I abide under the Issachar anointing.  The spirit of compromise is cut from my loins forever.

The ability to blend, but not bend, is upon me forever.  I will not be weak in my faith but, rather, strong in faith, giving all credit and glory to God.

I prophesy supernatural deals, contracts, and promotions to all who covenant in business with me.

Every deal is sealed in the name of Jesus.  Completed contracts are bringing more contacts.

Business is increasing daily.  The blessings of the Lord are chasing me down and running me over.

I do not have to run after deals.  The spirit of the crab is far from me.  Integrity is multiplying through my loins, and I am giving birth to a standard of doing business that will glorify God.

Every right word I speak in the right season will hold weight in the spirit and will manifest suddenly.  Wherever I am not naturally qualified, I decree supernatural qualification.

My presence in the marketplace will add value to every person, place, and thing I come in contact with.

God is redeeming the time for me.  I am the righteousness of God, and because I walk in His statutes and keep His commandments, everything that I put my hands to the plow to do will prosper.

My feet are beautiful and blessed because I carry the gospel of Jesus.  I walk by faith and am not moved by what my natural eyes see.

I will hear God and obey Him.  The spirit of disobedience is cast off and out of me in the name of Jesus.

Even my children will walk in this same marketplace anointing because of my obedience.

My seed will have dreams and visions that will give birth to witty inventions and ideas.  The ability to create jobs is upon my entire household.

The spirit of fear is ripped from me right now, in the name of Jesus!

My family and those associated with me in business will operate in love, power, and a sound mind.

Every demonic attack, spirit of distraction, and false prophetic word spoken over my business affairs are counted as null and void.

The anointing of Nehemiah rests upon me and other servants of God in the marketplace.

The ability to rebuild, restore, focus, conquer, guard, and maintain good stewardship over that which belongs to God is upon me.

In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen.”

©Apostle Kimberly Daniels


The above prayer is extracted from the book called “Prayers That Bring Change” by © Apostle Kimberly Daniels.

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